UAE Urges People Above 18 To Take Booster Vaccine Shot

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 22 December 2021
UAE  Urges People Above 18 To Take Booster Vaccine Shot

UAEs' NCEMA - national emergency, crisis, and disaster management authority, has urged anyone above the age of 18 years old, to take a booster dose, the reason that studies showed a low rate of ICU filled beds after the
, and a booster dose would help reduce the dangers of covid-19 such as risks of infections, and in the worst-case scenarios deaths, of course, only those that have taken the 2nd dose 6 months ago or more should go-ahead for another booster shot.

A Spike in cases 

Hospitalization rates are going low although there has been a spike in covid-19 cases lately in the UAE, only 45% of ICU beds are occupied, and 3% of private beds are occupied, which shows the importance of vaccination, a vaccinated individual might get covid-19 but they are most likely less to suffer from terrible symptoms like pneumonia and the chances of death are much lower, with the spread of the Omicron variant; it is very important to jab another covid-19 vaccination booster shot.

Together we recover

The total number of doses distributed and given until now is 22,350,074 and the rate is 225,98 per 100 people, so 100% of the UAE population took their first covid-19 vaccine, and 91.5% took the 2nd shot becoming fully vaccinated.

While the vaccination does not mean one should not adhere to the rules such as maintaining a safe distance and wearing masks, however with the spread of Omicron it is very important to follow covid-19 protocols and head over if eligible to the nearest center to take a 3rd vaccine shot.

We urge all people to stay healthy, follow the laws and guidelines and stay safe without panicking during those times, follow us on Uaemoments to learn more about covid-19 related news, and live the moments in UAE.