Pro-Palestine Protests Erupt at Annual Street Iftar in Egypt

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 26 March 2024
Pro-Palestine Protests Erupt at Annual Street Iftar in Egypt

Each year the seven streets of Al Matraiya in Egypt are cleared for a huge iftar spread and this year was no different, however, the iftar feast went viral because of the pro-Palestine protests that occurred in Al Matriyah during the event. 

The 10th annual iftar bash in the streets of Al Matraiya witnessed the gathering of 25,000 citizens and the iftar festivities included singing, dance-offs, magnificent spreads, and much more!

Every other house in the neighborhood also featured graffiti of Ramadan phrases and love for Palestine!

However, the display of support for Palestinians did not end with the graffiti. The crowded iftar feast soon turned into a loud demonstration, demanding the Egyptian government save Palestinians in Gaza and open the borders immediately. 

The iftar feast in Al Matariya was clouded with vivid red smoke with protestors waving around red smoke grenades and chanting pro-Palestine chants. 

The demonstration occurred the same day the UN Security Council approved the Gaza ceasefire resolution

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