Taste of India Festival 2023: Toronto Sign Illuminates in Flag Colors

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Taste of India Festival 2023: Toronto Sign Illuminates in Flag Colors

Excitement and enthusiasm scent the air as The Taste of India Festival 2023 will mark its arrival on the 4th of August on the picturesque avenue of Nathan Philip’s Square in downtown Toronto. It is a proud moment for all the Indian expats and immigrants across North America as they plan to visit this annual largest food festival on the continent. It is an excellent initiative in Canada to inspire multiculturalism and highlight the delicacies of the Indian subcontinent in the Western World. This iconic food festival deeply connects with Indian arts, culture, heritage and local traditions that will get displayed and broaden everyone’s knowledge. This festival is also attracting Indian patriots and soldiers to embrace their motherland’s rich history as its dates are close to the  Indian Independence Day on the 15th of August. As we know, Canada has one of the highest Indian immigrant populations, and the commemoration of this festival motivates Indians residing in other countries to organize similar patriotic events in their nations. Let us explore this well-liked festival in detail and how it holds a heart-touching meaning to the world. 


Taste of India Festival 2023: Toronto Sign Illuminates in Flag Colors

The Taste of India Festival 2023 is a family-oriented event that attracts all the foodies, dance and music lovers, including Bollywood fans, to appreciate and relish the delights. Last year it attracted over 150,000 people, and the number is expected to increase this year as it will feature more than 150 vendors selling the local chaat and Indian street food along with Indian handicrafts and arts like local jewelry, clothing and bright henna designs. Walking into this Mini-India festival will just feel like strolling on the Indian streets as there will be diverse Bollywood dances enchanting the atmosphere along with competitions. 

Taste of India Festival 2023: Toronto Sign Illuminates in Flag Colors

This year the festival is believed to incorporate various talented performers and artists displaying the glory of Indian music, dance forms like Giddha and Bhangra, harmonizing the Indian melody through flutes and tablas followed by a grand live DJ to blanket Toronto with hit Bollywood songs. It will be Toronto’s 6th annual festival and will take place on August 4th starting from 3 PM to 12 AM and August 5th from 12 PM to 11 PM. 


Taste of India Festival 2023: Toronto Sign Illuminates in Flag Colors

To commemorate The Taste of India Festival 2023 , the massive Toronto sign at Nathan Philip’s Square will be illuminated in shades of the Indian flag; saffron, white and green. This sign is extremely popular with tourists who visit Toronto as they never forget to take pictures in front of it. Now the time has come to take your colorful picture at the Toronto sign and save it as a souvenir of Indian patriotism. 


The patriotic Indian slogans of Jai Hind and Vande Mataram will embed in this festival’s atmosphere as every person pays tribute to the Indian heritage. So if you are near Toronto, remember to indulge in this Desi entertainment.

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