Video Games Are Good for Children's Brains

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 09 November 2022
Video Games Are Good for Children's Brains

While many parents fear that video games will affect the health and safety of their children, new research has blown up an unexpected surprise to confirm that gaming may contribute to controlling cognition and emotions.

Video Games & Behavior Control

Scientists from the University of Vermont in the US conducted a study of 2,000 children, aged between 9 and 10, and tested those who played at least 21 hours a week, compared to those who did not play at all.

The study showed that children who played video games performed better on tests where they had to control behavior or memorize information.

Video Games & Brain Activation

The study found that video gamers not only performed better on tests but also had more brain activations in areas associated with attention and working memory.

It is worth noting that the study did not distinguish between the types of video games that children play, but indicated that the majority of children tend to play fast-paced adventure games, rather than slow-paced logic games, such as puzzles.

Final Thoughts

Other previous studies found that children who played video games for 3 hours or more per day performed better on tasks related to memory and impulse control than children who did not play video games at all. However, the researchers noted that they found no evidence of a direct causal relationship between video games and cognitive improvements.

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