Strange Addictions: Shopping, Games, and Beauty

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 18 May 2022
Strange Addictions: Shopping, Games, and Beauty

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “addiction”? Drugs, right? Did you know that addictions are not limited to drug abuse? Learn more about the strangest cases of addiction in this article.

Shopping Addiction

You may think that this expression is a kind of exaggeration to describe people who love shopping, but it is quite serious. To distinguish shopping addiction, it is not only about buying more things than you really need and wasting money, but shopping addicts reach the stage of hiding purchases and lying about them. Shopping addiction also causes a severe feeling of guilt, depression, and unease.

 Video Game Addiction

Video games are no longer only for entertainment, but their fans are racing to spend as long as possible playing them. Addicts may spend days without sleep to continue the game and broadcast it on social media, which made matters worse. It is reported that video game addicts become unable to practice their lives naturally because of their preoccupation with such games. Doctors believe that the reason for this addiction is due to the feeling of euphoria that players experience when winning.

Plastic Surgery Addiction

In the era of fashionistas, bloggers, and influencers, many people, especially females, have become obsessed with beauty. Many girls are currently experiencing a state of self-confidence loss, which calls them to resort to continuous plastic surgeries to achieve a false perception of beauty called the “ideal look”. It is clear that things are going in the worst direction, as it is no longer limited to facial plastic surgery, but body surgery as well.

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