Watch: Pakistani Delivery Driver in Dubai Praised for Heroic Act

  • Publish date: Friday، 11 August 2023
Watch: Pakistani Delivery Driver in Dubai Praised for Heroic Act

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization has recognized a delivery rider who was seen in a video removing wind-blown traffic barriers to reach the center of a busy roundabout in Dubai.

Waqas Sarwar is seen getting off his motorcycle and dragging the obstacles out of the way of approaching vehicles.

The Pakistani native, who has spent 12 years residing in the UAE, claimed he was unaware that he was being filmed.

The Ministry tweeted, “We have watched the video in which Mr. Waqas Sarwar appeared as he removed barriers from the street to protect drivers, and His Excellency Khalil Al-Khoury, Undersecretary for Human Resources Affairs, received him, honored him and thanked him for the good step he took. We are proud of Waqqas and everyone who does good work.” 

Waqas Sarwar said, "When I took a left in the roundabout, I saw a block and I decided to stop my bike. I parked my bike (on the side) and then I cleared the road. First, I saved myself. What if there was another rider behind me who wouldn’t have noticed (the obstruction), he would have had an accident.”

He concluded by saying, “We are humans, and we are Muslims, so we must care for other people also."

Sarwar thanked everyone for honoring him for his hard work and added that more than the gifts, it was the respect he received from people that meant the most to him.

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