The Ultimate Guide for American Businesses Supporting Palestine

To help all of you celebrate the time of giving, we have scoured the US of A for homegrown businesses that support the Palestinian cause.

  • Publish date: Thursday، 21 December 2023 Last update: Sunday، 24 December 2023
The Ultimate Guide for American Businesses Supporting Palestine

It’s beginning to look a lot like the holiday szn, however, we here at Gulf Moments have found it incredibly difficult to channel the joyous spirit within us due to the ongoing genocide currently taking place at Gaza. This year, festivities such as Thanksgiving and Christmas have and will occur during a time where many of us are trying everything we can to be more conscious of every single thing we’re doing – especially when boycotting big brands that shamelessly support the tragic events that have been unfolding in Palestine since October 7th. 
To help all of you celebrate the time of giving (because, essentially, that is what we all want to be: giving) in the best way possible, we have scoured the US of A for homegrown businesses that will not just serve as better alternatives for the corporations we’re no longer including, but they also happen to be massive supporters for the Palestinian cause. Without further ado, here are your new fave American brands. 


The Ultimate Guide for American Businesses Supporting Palestine 

Malek Al-Kabob

The restaurant has been reigning supreme over Michigan’s Arab food scene for the past 17 years (yes, you read that right). Their fattoush, loaded shawerma and lamb liver are to die for. You’re welcome. 

Raising Cane’s

What began as a college dream for the founder transformed into an eatery that revolves around chicken fingers and only that. Founded in 1996, Raising Cane’s has grown to become an icon in the US’ culinary scene. The restaurant have also taken to social media to show solidarity for the Palestinian cause, and we’re absolutely here for it.

Qahwah House

The Yemeni-American family business was established in 2017 with the sole purpose of making everyone live their best coffee life, and they did exactly that.


There's brunch, and then there's Yemeni-American brunches at Dellah that will ruin regular brunches for you. We recommend having the Michigan-based spot’s fattah with dates that will, undoubtedly, improve your life by 120%. 

Anwar’s Kitchen 

A hidden gem in LA, this spot will transport you to the heart of a Palestinian home. With each dish inspired by cherished family recipes, Anwar's Kitchen brings the true essence of Palestinian hospitality to life. By dining here, you support the preservation of authentic flavors and the continuation of treasured traditions.


Just like the name of the restaurant suggests, Burgeratti is your friendly neighborhood halal burger food truck making life more delicious for people in Murica!


Embark on an adventure to experience Yemen’s rich coffee flavors that will make you totally forget about Starbucks ever existing. If you’re unsure what to order, their iced brown sugar latte is a customer-favorite. 

Blazin Coop

Nashville hot chicken but make it halal 100%. That is what you sign up for when you deal with Blazin Coop.

Al Basha 

A beloved culinary hotspot in Paterson, NJ, this restaurant will take you on a flavorful journey through Palestine. Indulge in the vibrant heart of the cuisine without leaving Texas. Discover the magic of family recipes that have delighted generations and relish in the country’s rich cultural heritage.

Treat You Batter

Located on Mason Street and Greenfield Road in Michigan, this shop will most certainly treat you batter with their cookies and lattes.

Booza Delight

What more would one want than homemade Mediterranean ice cream and sweets that also happen to support our Palestinians brothers and sisters.

Holy Land Dates

If you reside in the States, then you can have premium Palestinian medjool dates at any time of the year. If that's not sliving, we don't know what is.

Knafeh Queens 

The five-time award-winning dessert shop is here with one mission: putting knafeh on the American map, and indeed, it succeeded at doing so. Knafeh Queens broke the culinary internet so many times that it was covered on Forbes, LA Times, Vogue, and many other mammoth platforms.

Diaspora Co. Spices 

Grown for flavor and rooted for equity, this adorbz brand has been building a better spice trade for everyone since 2017. Whatever spice you could think of, you’ll find it at Diaspora Co. Spices.


This New York eatery’s vibe will automatically invite you on a tantalizing journey to Palestine, where fragrant spices and warm hospitality create a culinary experience like no other. Immerse yourself in the essence of Palestinian culture from the heart of Queens as you savor delectable meals and create cherished memories in this cultural oasis.

Baba’s Olives 

Not only is this a woman-led business, but their whole schtick is that they provide life-changing Palestinian olives. Need we say more? 


Ayat is a Palestinian restaurant that only opened its doors in Manhattan a couple of months ago during a deeply fearful time. Can we also tell you that their menus, pizza boxes and take-out bags all have an iconic "END THE OCCUPATION” sign on them? Make sure to support them by letting them elevate your life with their food. 

Al Bawadi Grill

Located in Illinois, the restaurant thrives on zabiha halal Mediterranean grills. If that’s your game, then they’re the name you need to know quite well. 


Experience more than just coffee at Taza, a spot where community and connection thrive. With its inviting atmosphere and authentic Palestinian brew, Taza creates the perfect setting for meaningful conversations and shared experiences. Support a business that unites people, one sip at a time.

Big Dash

The vibrant flavors of Palestine will shine through their menu that celebrates culinary traditions from the entire region…except it’s in Texas. Experience the stories behind each dish, where local ingredients and aromatic spices come together in perfect harmony. 


The Ultimate Guide for American Businesses Supporting Palestine

Huda Beauty

It’s no surprise that the Wonder Woman behind the brand Huda Kattan has been vocal about her support for the Palestinian people for a very long time. If you want makeup this holiday season, this is where you need to shop from. 

Lush Cosmetics

You probably don’t know this but Lush Cosmetics revolutionized the game when they invented the bath bomb. Them being Pro-Palestinian is also a plus. It’s win-win for everyone.  

Suva Beauty

The founder of the brand is not only a former journalist, but they also happen to be a human rights activist who have been supporting the Palestinian cause for a long time. Suva Beauty also donates all its proceeds to the Palestine Children's Relief Fund, so there’s that!

Studio Tanais

Think surreal and psychedelic perfumes that are heavily inspired by mother nature, the cosmos, and the divine. That is the vibe here at Studio Tanais! 

Native Threads

Make way for the multifunctional organization that celebrates the rich history and culture of Islam and the Arab world in the form of clothes and spread awareness.


The brand’s mission is to employ Palestinian women artisans and introduce the world to the beauty of Palestinian culture and design, whether with tatreez or anything else. 

West Bank Hoodie

The name of the he brand suggests they make hoodies, and that’s pretty much what they do. They, however, donate 100% of all proceeds to the Humanitarian Relief in Gaza. Oh, and you get free shipping over $60 orders, which means, you should get your Christmas shopping game on! 

Yalla Detroit

Founded in 2021, the clothing brand aims to elevate streetwear to new heights while repping Arab culture at the same time. 

Wear the Peace

The iconic brand has helped the Palestinian people ever since it has been founded. They once had two designs raise over $60,000 where all proceeds went to aiding the people of Palestine. 

Zaytoona Stitches

Showcasing Arab culture, one stitch at a time. Every item at Zaytoona Stitches is 100% handmade. 

Flstin Fits

From the Gaza Strip to Detroit, this brand is preserving the Palestinian identity with their cutes tees and sweatshirts. 

tRASHY Clothing

Using art and fashion to showcase the voices in Palestinian society and make sure they’re heard, tRASHY's illustrates the challenges Palestinians face in freely expressing their identities to the world. They shot to fame when Palestinian-American supermodel Bella Hadid was seen sporting their “FREE PALESTINE” vest. 

Dieux Skin

This brand prides itself on making rituals, not miracles. Basically, you will be able to fulfill your skincare fantasy while supporting Palestine at the same time.

Noun Naturals

Self care has never felt so good. Not only does this brand thrive on making products with stuff you can actually pronounce (lol), but they cover a wide range of hair, body, and unisex items. 

Dearborn Jewelry

This showroom happens to be the largest Arab jewelry showroom in the US. They’re also coming to Houston quite soon with another showroom. Each item you buy, you get Palestinian olive oil with it. You don’t even have to buy anything, they will still give you some of that oil!

Naturelle 961 

If you’re thinking of getting organic cosmetics, this is where you need to shop. 


Born in 2013, this brand is not only about striking colors, patterns, and upcycling, but they also stan Palestine as much as you.

Tatreez & Tea

Founded by Wafaa Ghnaim who happens to be a Palestinian dress historian, researcher, archivist, writer, curator, educator, and most importantly, an embroiderer. Tatreez & Tea come equipped with so many unique pieces that will have you shook by how beautiful they are. 


The Ultimate Guide for American Businesses Supporting Palestine

Detroit Furniture 

They, hands down, have the best deals on home furnishings in Michigan.

Totah Studio

Handcrafted ceramics that are inspired by Palestinian embroidery is the energy you need to expect here, and what a beautiful energy that is.

Farah Merhi

The Lebanese-American business specializes in home furniture and design that will help transform your house into your Pinterest dream home. 

Builders Hardware

The company has been providing fine finish hardware for the people of the US (Michigan, to be specific) since 1946. They also support Palestine while doing it. 


The Ultimate Guide for American Businesses Supporting Palestine

Red Emma's

Think vegan cafe meets bar meets and wow-inducing bookstore. This Baltimore spot is definitely one you need to explore! 


The concept bookshop and boutique creates space for people to come together and vibe over topics that people tend to stay away from. 

Uncle Bobbie's

Cool people. Great books. Hot coffee. Strong Palestinian solidarity. This is the tea around here! 

EduCare Student Services 

Whatever you want to learn, this online tutoring business will teach you. 

Hilweh Market

A gift shop that features rare curated goods from Palestine and the greater Arab world.

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