UAE: Most in Demand Jobs in 2021

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 02 June 2021
UAE: Most in Demand Jobs in 2021

The year 2020 was a transformational year for technology. Due to the fact that we all went into lockdown after the outbreak of Covid-19, many have lost their jobs and others have lost their business.

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However, as we have been transforming the demand of jobs in UAE have changed! And so, here are the most in demand jobs in the UAE.

  • Personal and professional life coach

As we all suddenly went through the chaos, we could find that perhaps not everyone got to deal with it the right way! Whether staying home or even economic challenges have got to us.

This has shed light on the importance of seeking help from professional people such as professional and personal coaches. They help guide people through their journey developing their strengths and helping them get over the weaknesses. This became a popular need in the UAE which many people seek.

  • Digital Content Freelancer

The social media and digital platforms became an essential part of our life. We follow many bloggers and subscribe for YouTube channels in different fields every day. 

Consequently, digital content is a big and important business now. That’s why one of the most in-demand jobs in the UAE is Digital Content Creator. 

This was a result of the broadened work permits that the government offered to international freelancers through the past year. In addition, people’s interaction with digital content has significantly increased which helped too.

All these factors made it a more promising sector, ensuring you a bright career. You are offered many platforms to start this job just keep in mind to stay unique, creative, and don’t copy. 

  • Medical and healthcare staff

2020 shed light on the importance of health and so if you’re in the medical field or looking for a career shift to medicine. There are around 180 Medical Centers and schools in the UAE that offer certificates to allow students to practice the profession. 

They stress on having these courses because working in the medical field is very important; it can be one of the highest in-demand jobs in the UAE. 

The career is very flourishing due to the increasing number of people in the country and it is very crucial post-2020. The UAE makes it its ultimate goal to care for its people.

Because the UAE is advanced and progressive, healthcare is essential to keep up their accomplishments. Therefore, this career will keep rising, improving, and in-demand.

There are many other in demand jobs, the key element is to never give up and keep going!

Image Source: Unsplash

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