Puma Ends Sponsorship of Israel's National Soccer Team

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 13 December 2023
Puma Ends Sponsorship of Israel's National Soccer Team

Puma, the renowned German sportswear brand, has confirmed its decision to conclude its sponsorship agreement with the Israeli Football Association (IFA) in 2024. The move, however, is declared to be part of Puma's broader business strategy and unrelated to the Gaza genocide.

Strategic Business Decision

A spokesperson for Puma conveyed that the termination of the sponsorship deal with the IFA is in line with the company's new "fewer-bigger-better" business strategy. The decision, made at the close of 2022, follows a comprehensive review of national team partnerships, considering key performance indicators (KPIs) such as commercial viability and participation in major international tournaments.

Changes in the National Team Roster

As part of this strategic shift, Puma also disclosed that its sponsorship deal with the Serbian national team expires in 2024. Notably, the sportswear giant had previously lost a significant soccer sponsorship deal with Italy in 2022, with Adidas emerging as the new partner. Puma assured that new sponsorship agreements, including one with a high-profile national squad, are anticipated to be announced later this year and in 2024.

Financial Considerations and FIFA Rankings

While initial reports suggested financial motives behind the decision, citing internal discussions, Puma clarified that the move was not linked to the ongoing Israel-Hamas war and that Israel's position as the 75th-ranked country among FIFA's 200 nations and its limited market for kit sales influenced Puma's choice.

Consumer Boycotts and Activist Concerns

Notably, Puma has faced criticism and calls for consumer boycotts in certain Western cities due to Israel's recent actions in Gaza. Activists previously accused Puma of indirectly supporting Israeli settlements in the West Bank through its association with the IFA, which has clubs in those areas. However, Puma reiterated that its sponsorship is solely directed towards the national squad, denying any support for settlements.

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