Tickets to These Cities to Get Cheaper in February

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 17 January 2024
Tickets to These Cities to Get Cheaper in February

In February, travelers on Philippine airlines can expect reduced airfare as the Civil Aeronautics Board has downgraded the fuel surcharge level.

Domestic and international travelers will benefit from lower fuel surcharges, with rates ranging from PHP151 to PHP542 for domestic flights and PHP498.03 to PHP3,703.11 for international flights.

This is a significant decrease compared to current rates, providing relief to passengers. For those traveling to Manila from the UAE, these lower prices present an opportunity, marking the lowest fuel surcharges since August 2023.

In a similar move, Indigo, an Indian airline, has announced the elimination of fuel charges on all domestic and international flights, effective January 4th, providing further relief to passengers who have been subject to surcharges since October 2023.

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