Top 10 Donut Places in Dubai

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 31 May 2023 Last update: Friday، 02 June 2023
Top 10 Donut Places in Dubai

Each year on the first Friday in June, people participate in National Donut Day. Donuts are often considered the ultimate sweet treat for breakfast, but, to be honest, they are pretty much perfect at any time of the day. And in honour of National Donut Day, which falls on June 2nd this year, we're showing you the top 10 donut places you can find in Dubai.

Here is a list of the top 10 donut places in Dubai: 


Dunkin' is a household name around the globe and they are equally popular in the UAE. You will find it in every major mall and close to almost every neighbourhood. It offers classic donuts or donuts with a twist, such as Munchkin Donut Holes — filled with jam, cream, or custard.

Top 10 Donut Places in Dubai

Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme offers a wide range of soft donuts that melt in your mouth, including lotus biscoff, chocolate iced glaze, peanut butter kreme, chocolate iced, strawberry filled, and new york cheesecake. 

They have stores at multiple locations all over Dubai, including Dubai Mall, and Dubai Festival City Mall.

Top 10 Donut Places in Dubai

Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons is a well-known Canadian chain that specializes in making signature blends of coffee, yet the cafe also makes the most sought-after donuts in Dubai. You can pair their donuts with a fresh cup of coffee to have a perfect start to your day. 

Tim Hortons has several branches across the city, such as Dubai Mall, Emirates Hills, The Walk, and Dubai Media City.

Top 10 Donut Places in Dubai

Il Donaccino

Il Donaccino has an entire menu section dedicated to vegan donuts, including mango glazed, matcha, and coconut glaze, as well as a selection of vegan chocolate options. They also offer savoury donuts coated in cheese, chilli flakes and a variety of crisps.

Top 10 Donut Places in Dubai

Crumb & Co

This home-grown pasty shop specializes in cookies, croissants and gourmet donuts. Crumb & Co has a long list of 16 flavours to choose from, including classics like a raspberry jam filling, as well as crazier flavours like tiramisu which is filled with mascarpone and raspberry cheesecake.

Top 10 Donut Places in Dubai


Doh dessert trucks offer a delicious range of sweets. They serve "dohnuts" with interesting names, such as 'My BAE' with white chocolate and Nutella. 

Visitor can also choose the toppings, size, and sprinkles themselves and create their own donuts. Don't miss their pistachio donut with white chocolate drizzle and pistachio crumbs.

Top 10 Donut Places in Dubai

Donuts Time

Donuts Time offers various different flavours with colourful toppings of your choice. You can try their sweet flavours like nutella, lotus, and caramel, but don't miss their labneh and zaatar as well as cheesy chips Oman. 

Top 10 Donut Places in Dubai

HERE-O Donuts

HERE-O Donuts is a popular online donut shop with locations in at least 300 cities worldwide, including Dubai. It sells a variety of glazed and topped rings donuts as well as cinnamon sugar donuts.

Top 10 Donut Places in Dubai


Chocomelt offers a wide variety of desserts, sweet dishes, coffee and other beverage. You will find traditional donuts to have with a coffee.

It serves the best 'lukomades doughnuts' — small round donuts stuffed with pastry cream, coated with caramel sauce and served with shot of milk chocolate and scoop of vanilla ice creams.

Top 10 Donut Places in Dubai

Yamanote Atelier

Yamanote Atelier offers sweet and fluffy character buns that straddle the line between donut and sweet bread bun. If you need a steer in terms of flavour, crack into the crème brulee custard. 

Top 10 Donut Places in Dubai

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