UAE Observes World Heart Day with Focus on Cardio Health

  • Publish date: Friday، 29 September 2023
UAE Observes World Heart Day with Focus on Cardio Health

Today, the world marks World Heart Day, underscoring the crucial importance of heart health.

The UAE is particularly attentive to the event where a quarter of all deaths in the country are the result of heart-related issues.

Alarmingly, cardiovascular problems arise significantly earlier for UAE citizens compared to their Western counterparts.

The nation ranks 16th globally for diabetes incidence, a key risk factor for heart complications. Moreover, 33% of Dubai’s residents face challenges with obesity and high blood pressure.

Heart Operation

Prominent health institutions in the UAE are uniting to address these pressing concerns and highlight innovative solutions in cardiology.

Dr. John Paul Carpenter of Healthpoint likens understanding heart ailments to diagnosing car issues – complex and multifaceted.

Early detection tools, including advanced CT scans and the use of AI, are playing a game-changing role.

CT Scan

Meanwhile, wearables, like smartwatches, are aiding in quick diagnoses, ensuring timely interventions.

As World Heart Day is observed, the UAE commits to proactive health measures, aiming for a heart-healthy future for its community.