Eat to Get Fit! Top Healthy Restaurants in Dubai

  • Publish date: Monday، 29 August 2022 Last update: Wednesday، 07 September 2022

Cheeseburger... Creamy desserts... Pizza full of delicious toppings... Hmm... I'm drooling! Who does not like these foods, however, as these types of foods cause weight gain and harm the general health of the body, many people turn to healthy options with calculated calories and less delicious taste, but not anymore! Dubai is home to a group of healthy restaurants that serve you healthy food with great taste! Here are the most famous healthy restaurants in Dubai.

Best Healthy Food Restaurants in Dubai

There are a variety of healthy food restaurants in Dubai to satisfy all tastes, some specialize in delicious breakfasts, and some offer delicious lunches, dinners, and various salads with high nutritional value. Here is a list of the most popular healthy restaurants in Dubai.

Comptoir Café 102

Comptoir Café 102 serves a very delicious breakfast, which includes wheat pancake, lemonade, mushroom platter with boiled eggs, halloumi platter with toast, croissants, tuna sandwiches, and bagels, in addition to a variety of natural and fresh juices.

Little Erth by Nabz & J's Restaurant

An ideal destination for vegetarians and vegans, Little Erth by Nabz & J’s offers a variety of a la carte dishes all made with natural, unpackaged ingredients free of preservatives, not to mention its refreshing natural juices.

Poke & Co

Poke & Co. Restaurant is distinguished by its delicious dishes that include legumes rich in benefits and fresh vegetables with seafood added. It also offers a range of salads and fresh juices.


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Krave Restaurant

Krave Restaurant is distinguished by its wonderful atmosphere and delicious food and offers a range of soups and salads, grilled burgers, and delicious kinds of pasta, in addition to grilled salmon and quinoa salad with spicy chicken, and many other low-calorie dishes.


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Start your journy to have a perfect body and a healthy lifestyle now and visit one of these restaurants.

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