What Are UAE Blacklist And Deportation Rules ?

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 18 January 2022 Last update: Tuesday، 15 February 2022

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People usually enter UAE for work or tourism on a visa, there has sure been a growth in the expat population there, and it was one of the significant factors of economic growth for the country; however, this marked a new issue where foreign workers or people can efficiently run away from the country, and escape any legal situation, to make sure that they do not break the law easily or the rules. As a preventive measure, there are rules one must follow. If violated, they would risk getting deported or blacklisted, which means that they would get deported and banned from re-entering the country every again, Today we will mention the top reasons a person could get deported or blacklisted in the UAE: 

What are the rules regarding deportation and blacklisting in UAE?

Black listed people cannot re-enter the country ever again, and the following crimes can get you deported: 

  • A person who has previously committed crimes and is ordered by the court to be deported outside of the UAE.
  • Anyone who got deportation issued by the ministry of interior affairs.
  • Those who had activities that got reported by the international criminal cooperation department.
  • Any person with AIDS or other diseases that the ministry of health has deemed dangerous to the public.
  • Any person deported from other GCC countries for criminal offenses.

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Individuals banned from leaving.

Some individuals are banned from leaving the country not entering it:

  • Any person who had an order from the public to prosecute or their representative for a case to be re-investigated.
  • Every person who had an order issued by a court for a case is still under consideration.
  • Any person liable for paying government funds, now this order has to be issued by the competent minister or any authorized representative on his behalf.

How to lift the ban from blacklist?

Any person who wants to get their names lifted from the department of entry and residence must be from the following categories to get their names lifted:
Domestic helpers who got their residence expired before their employment contract ending date was due. 
Individuals who are banned from entering the UAE because of fines reduction regulations. 

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What causes a lifetime or permanent ban in the UAE?

Usually, people assume at first that those who have been deported from UAE will get a lifetime or permanent ban from UAE; however, there are different types of banes, lifetimes bans are only applicable to extreme offenses illegal or criminal activities, to ensure that those people will never enter the government would take their eye print through an eye scan as well as their fingerprints.

What Are UAE Blacklist And Deportation Rules ?

How to check blacklist status?

You can check the blacklist status of your visa by dialing the MoHRE with this number (80060) or by going through your sponsor and checking if any ban has been applied to you, or by contacting the immigration department.

If you suffer from a ban, there could be a chance you can reverse it by hiring a lawyer for your case if it is a mild one.

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