28 Matches in the Qatar World Cup 2022 with NO Encryption

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 22 November 2022
28 Matches in the Qatar World Cup 2022 with NO Encryption

beIN SPORTS, the owner of the rights to broadcast the Qatar World Cup 2022 matches, decided to broadcast a number of matches through channels open to the public without encryption, as it chose a number of important and public matches in addition to transmitting the semi-final and final matches to the whole world through all its open HD channels, free of charge and without encryption in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Number of Viewers to Exceed 5 Billion

It is expected that the number of viewers of the World Cup will reach 5 billion in this tournament, to achieve a record in the number of views commensurate with the volume of media clamor, criticism, and praise that was associated with the tournament for years until it was launched for the first time in an Arab country.

Matches Transmitted Through Open Channels

beIN SPORTS confirmed that there are a number of matches that will be transmitted via the open channel on the Nilesat satellite, which is broadcast via receivers without encryption.

beIN SPORTS has identified 28 matches out of 112 matches that will be played in the World Cup competitions.

  1. Sunday 20/11:  Qatar - Ecuador
  2. Monday 21/11: America - Wales
  3. Tuesday 22/11: France - Australia
  4. Wednesday 11/23: Belgium - Canada
  5. Thursday 24/11: Brazil - Serbia
  6.  Friday 25/11: England - America
  7. Saturday 11/26: France - Denmark
  8. Saturday 11/26: Argentine - Mexico
  9. Sunday 11/27: Belgium - Morocco
  10. Sunday 11/27: Spain - Germany
  11. Monday 28/11: Portugal - Uruguay
  12. Tuesday 29/11: Wales - England
  13. Wednesday 30/11: Tunisia - France
  14. Wednesday 30/11: Poland - Argentina
  15. Thursday 01/12: Japan - Spain
  16. Thursday 01/12: Costa Rica - Germany
  17. Friday 02/12: Cameroon – Brazil
  • Round of 16: 5 matches will be transferred for free
  • Quarter-finals: 3 matches will be transferred
  • The semi-final matches
  • final match

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