Moroccan team gets their best look with this Dubai Hairstylist

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 13 December 2022
Moroccan team gets their best look with this Dubai Hairstylist

Celebrity Barber of Dubai, Rabi Sfaxi made six flights to Doha to give the Moroccan team their best appearance for the FIFA World Cup 2022.

Rabi Sfaxi was unaware at the start of the FIFA World Cup that he was giving hairstyles to the top Players of the African - Arab World who beat Portugal to enter the Semi-Finals. 

He shared in an exclusive interview with Khaleej Times, “I have been giving haircuts for the entire team including the coaches. They are cool and friendly and are always ready to take photos or videos. Some of my friends have been teasing me that maybe I am lucky for them. Of course, that is not true. They are winning because they are incredible players, but it is funny and kind of nice to hear.” He also shared how proud he felt of the Moroccan team. “I was watching their game against Portugal and when they scored, I started screaming. I was shaking all over. It is indeed one of the proudest moments for the entire region.”

Rabi, who is flying to Qatar to give the team their best look for Semi Finals of the Fifa World Cup against France to be held on Wednesday, 14th of December 2022 has been the happiest ever. “To watch them run onto the field sporting my clean cuts is really special,” he said.

He has made a mark for himself and his work among celebrities, however, he always wanted to be associated with the players of the Worldcup. He said, “I had tried last time in Russia as well, but it did not work out. When I heard that the World Cup was coming to Qatar, I knew this was my chance.” 

Rabi, the Tunisian Expat who built his brand successfully after being in Dubai since 2007 has over 80,000 followers on his Instagram account @rabithebarber, and his clientele also includes Will Smith, DJ Snake, Sanjay Dutt, and Paul Drogba, among others.

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