6 Things You Should Know About Pakistani Culture

  • Publish date: Saturday، 14 August 2021 Last update: Monday، 14 August 2023
6 Things You Should Know About Pakistani Culture

The UAE has a population of over 1.5 million, Pakistanis are the second-largest national group in the UAE after Indians, constituting 12.5% of the country's total population. August 14th marks Independence Day of Pakistan so here are some things you should know about our fellow Pakistani’s.

Pakistan is hugely diverse

There are over 15 major ethnic groups in Pakistan, such as Punjabis, Sindhis, Baloch, Pashtuns, Kashmiris, Hazaras, Makranis and Balti. Each one of these differ in physical features, customs, dress, food, historical bloodlines, and music.

Multiple spoken languages

Pakistan has around 73 and 76 actively spoken languages. So many districts don’t speak the same language. However, the most spoken languages are in the Indo-Iranian language group, including Urdu, the national language.

6 Things You Should Know About Pakistani Culture

Family bonds are strong in Pakistan

Pakistani society is a collective society where family comes first. This is because of their religious, societal, and economic values.

Pakistani culture appreciates craftsmanship

Pakistani craft includes Calligraphy in Arabic in sites and wall hangings, like copper work, paintings and carved wood, Pottery, especially blue pottery, Naqashi, or the art-making of camel-skin lamps, along with colourful tile work, which is a Mughal legacy.

6 Things You Should Know About Pakistani Culture

Pakistanis are very hospitable

Guests, tourists, and visitors, whether domestic or international, are always welcomed with open arms. Even the poorest labourers go out of their way to help new visitors. In Islam especially, a guest must be given the best treatment possible.

Pakistanis love chai a little too much

Pakistan is the third-largest importer of tea and you can find Chai everywhere.  Pakistanis make their tea strong and sweet in either milk or diluted milk. Some prefer adding cardamom and other spices are added to tea on special occasions.

6 Things You Should Know About Pakistani Culture

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