The Real Story Behind the Video of Pakistani Bride Weighed in Gold

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The Real Story Behind the Video of Pakistani Bride Weighed in Gold
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The families of the viral couple in the video where a Dubai-based Pakistani bride was being weighed against gold have revealed the real story behind the lavish wedding. 

The couple's families clarified to Khaleej Times that the gold bricks were not solid but gold-plated.

In the video, the bride was made to sit on one side of a weighing scale while the other end had large gold bricks to equalize her weight. 


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The bars were just used as per the wedding theme which was based on a concept from the Bollywood film Jodha Akbar, and the family members were assigned different characters from the Bollywood saga.

"If you watch the movie, there is a scene where the bride is weighed against gold and we basically recreated that scene because we wanted to stick to the theme. So weighing against the golden was part of this theme. And we didn't expect that our video would go viral. We came to know about the viral video the next day from our photographer. He was the first one to inform, but we never knew that it would go viral," the bride Ayesha Tahir said.