Pakistani Vlogger's Cross-Border Bike Tour of India Captivates Hearts

  • Publish date: Thursday، 15 June 2023
Pakistani Vlogger's Cross-Border Bike Tour of India Captivates Hearts

A Pakistani vlogger has recently made a tour of India with his bike, covering thousands of kilometers and visiting several Indian states. Abrar Hassan made documentation of his whole journey where he familiarized his countrymen with the Indian’s unique culture, languages, food and landscapes.

Abrar Hassan has a YouTube channel, Wild Lens by Abrar, which is dedicated to his traveling experiences and journeys.

Prior to arriving in India this year, the Pakistani citizen traveled across various European countries including Germany, Austria, Albania, and Croatia on his BMW motorcycle. Additionally, he explored Iran, Oman, Turkey, and several other nations during his journey.

On April 3, Abrar shared with his followers that he had successfully obtained a visa after years of trying, allowing him and Rangeeli to embark on their India tour. Starting in Kerala, they explored the beauty of "God's Own Country," sharing glimpses of the backwaters, delicious food, and the warm hospitality they received.

Abrar explored the stunning palaces of Mysore and then made his way to Goa to enjoy the beautiful beaches and captivating sunsets. In a popular Instagram video, he shared the lively reception he received in Mumbai, with people eagerly requesting his initials on their bike helmets. Abrar summed it up with the caption, "Yeh hai Mumbai" (This is Mumbai).

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