Abu Dhabi Students Can Now Take Off Masks Outdoors

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 09 March 2022
Abu Dhabi Students Can Now Take Off Masks Outdoors

The Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (Adek) said on Wednesday that Pupils in Abu Dhabi schools are now allowed to take off their face masks when they go outside to play or do other activities.

Physical distancing was also optional for pupils in outdoor spaces.

Under the new measures, pupils in grade-2 and above must still wear face masks while indoors, but they can remove them while outside in the school compound.

Here is the list of relaxed measures at schools. These are also applicable at nurseries:

- Physical distancing now optional in outdoor spaces.

- Wearing of masks is optional in outdoor spaces.

- All field trips have resumed, but schools have to follow precautionary measures of the place they are visiting.

- All school sports activities and competitions can resume for students of all ages (schools to follow the reduced risk mitigation controls).

-In-school events and activities can resume with a capacity not exceeding 90 per cent (current entry requirements apply).

- School buses can now operate at 100 per cent capacity.

As for quarantine for close contacts, Adek had previously informed schools of the removal of quarantine requirements, while the below testing requirements still apply:

- Close contact students below 18 years old: No quarantine; students must test on days 1 and 4

- Close contact students aged 18 and above as well as teachers and staff: No quarantine, must test every day for the first five days following close contact with a confirmed case.