Robot Security Guards To Now Ensure Safety Measures In Yas Mall

Abu Dhabi’s largest shopping center now has a high-tech security system in place

  • Publish date: Thursday، 24 September 2020 Last update: Thursday، 09 November 2023
yas mall

As the world around begins to adapt to the new norm, it is essential that the necessary precautionary measures are adhered to for any trip taken. 

Yas mall in Abu Dhabi has now equipped two robots with a surveillance system and thermal detection to roam the floors of Yas Mall throughout the day to report back to operations. 

The security robots have been introduced to ensure the public at all times are following the safety measures and not breaking any rules. The technology has also been equipped with sensors in order to avoid bumping into objects, mall-goers and staff along with 360-degree cameras. 

Malls must ensure that the daily disinfection programmes are carried out as scheduled.

As Yas mall has reopened its doors on May 2, below are a set of guidelines that must be followed at all times.

It is crucial that all stores are below the capacity limit, all staff members must be tested by using the high-tech installation of thermal scanners and are wearing their gloves and masks at all times. In addition they must be provided with separate entrances and exits.

As stated by The National, Yas Mall has recently received its ‘Go Safe certification’ from Abu Dhabi's Department of Culture and Tourism. The Go Safe is a cleanliness and safety programme introduced to the emirate’s hotels and attractions to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

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