Covid-19 Cases Goes Down In Numbers

  • Publish date: Thursday، 03 March 2022
Covid-19 Cases Goes Down In Numbers

UAE reports 502 new Covid-19 cases, with 0 deaths and more than 1500 recoveries, where numbers are going down compared to the previous months; this has surged into a result of people. MoHaP announced that they had done additional 386,656 covid-19 tests over the last 24 hours.

New rules announced

Conducting Covid-19 tests that are negative while traveling from Dubai To Abu-Dhabi, and no longer having to wear a mask inside Dubai in certain places, the country is going easier on its' covid-19 rules, unlike the previous days where they were much more strict with the higher number of cases.

What is next?

It is difficult to tell for sure, cases are dropping down, and more people are getting their booster shots, but being careful is essential because we do not want people to go back to what the condition was.

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