Your Guide to Top Banks in the UAE 2022

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 02 August 2022 Last update: Wednesday، 17 August 2022

The UAE continues its rapid growth to become the financial center of the Middle East, with its banks and financial institutions catering to the demands of an ever-increasing heterogeneous population giving them abundant investment opportunities. Here is a detailed overview of the best banks in the UAE in terms of products offered, customer service, accessibility, and technology.

Emirates NBD Bank (ENBD)

Your Guide to Top Banks in the UAE 2022

This bank is headquartered in more than 10 countries on 3 continents and was established in the UAE in 2007 after the merger of the National Bank of Dubai and Emirates Bank International to become one of the most reliable banks in the country. Emirates NBD offers its services to individuals, companies, and institutions, and has the largest number of ATMs in the country.

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB)

Your Guide to Top Banks in the UAE 2022

ADCB has long contributed to the development of the UAE, with the Abu Dhabi Investment Council holding a majority of the bank's shares, which works alongside the Abu Dhabi government to carry out development projects in the country.

The value of the assets of this bank exceeds $ 75 billion, and it provides retail banking, commercial and Islamic services. Perhaps the most prominent feature of this bank is the exceptional customer service where the customer does not have to wait in long queues for his turn, not to mention the kindness of the customer service staff in the bank.

Dubai Islamic Bank

Your Guide to Top Banks in the UAE 2022

Dubai Islamic Bank, the largest Islamic bank in the UAE, was established in 1975 and has the distinction of being the first bank to offer customized Islamic financing options, as its services come in compliance with Islamic law to meet the needs of religiously observant individuals.

Standard Chartered

Your Guide to Top Banks in the UAE 2022

Standard Chartered is one of the world's leading international banks, providing numerous options and facilities for individuals to obtain high-interest rates. Standard Chartered has a strong focus on customer service and process automation to continue to be a leader in technology and innovation.

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB)

Your Guide to Top Banks in the UAE 2022

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank has more than 70 branches and 460 ATMs spread all over the UAE, and perhaps the most prominent feature of it is that the bank combines financial products compatible with Islamic Sharia and contemporary banking solutions to offer customers the best of both worlds, which made it one of the most prominent and reliable banks in the country.

The banking sector in the UAE is growing at an unprecedented rate to provide the people of the Emirates with the best financial and banking services giving them many opportunities to invest and contribute to the development of the country.

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