Abu Dhabi Unveils Road Alert System with Flashing Devices on Highways

  • Publish date: Monday، 15 May 2023
Abu Dhabi Unveils Road Alert System with Flashing Devices on Highways

The Abu Dhabi Police have introduced a new road alert system in the capital of the UAE. Radar-like devices have been installed along highways to notify drivers about traffic incidents and weather conditions, with the objective of improving road safety, according to the police.

The road alert system uses various colors to alert drivers about traffic incidents or weather conditions.

The flashing alerts, which are powered by solar energy and batteries, can be seen up to a distance of 200 meters both during the day and at night.

The colors have specific meanings:

Red and blue: Indicates a traffic accident ahead, alerting drivers to be cautious.

Yellow: Functions as a warning for adverse weather conditions such as fog, dust, or rain.

Many residents took to social media to report that they spotted these devices, with some expressing approval for the initiative and considering it a "good idea." Others applauded the police for taking this step.

The Abu Dhabi Police have introduced several road safety measures, including a new smart alert system.

Among the recent initiatives is the implementation of a fine of Dh400 for slow drivers using the fast lanes. On the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Road, drivers are required to maintain speeds above 120kmph on the two left-most lanes, while slower vehicles are allowed to use the third lane without a specified minimum speed.

Additionally, in the UAE Capital, a smart weather monitoring system automatically adjusts speed limits on roads and highways during adverse weather conditions, including fog. When visibility drops below 200 meters, the speed limit is reduced to 80km/hour. Modified speed limits are communicated through electronic information boards, both permanent and temporary ones.

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