Can You Get Fined for Driving Too Slowly?

  • Publish date: Thursday، 04 July 2024
Can You Get Fined for Driving Too Slowly?

Yes, you can get fined for driving too slowly in certain circumstances. Driving significantly below the speed limit or impeding the normal flow of traffic can be considered dangerous, as it can cause accidents and disrupt the flow of vehicles.

Slow Drivers to Pay Dh400 Fines on 120 kph Minimum Speed Road. Drivers who break the speed limit on stretches of a key Abu Dhabi motorway may be subject to Abu Dhabi traffic fines of Dh 400. So, the slow drivers here will face a fine on a 120kph minimum speed road. 

Here are some situations where you might get fined for driving too slowly:

  1. Minimum Speed Limits: Some roads have posted minimum speed limits. Driving below these speeds without a valid reason can result in a fine.

  2. Obstructing Traffic: If you are driving so slowly that you are obstructing the normal flow of traffic, you can be cited for impeding traffic. This is often applicable on highways and multi-lane roads.

  3. Unsafe Driving Conditions: If your slow driving creates unsafe conditions, such as causing other drivers to make dangerous maneuvers to pass you, you can be fined.

  4. Failure to Yield: In some cases, if you are driving slowly and fail to yield to faster-moving traffic, especially on highways or interstates, you might be fined.

Each jurisdiction may have different laws and regulations regarding slow driving, so it's important to be aware of local traffic laws. If you have to drive slowly, make sure you are not using the left lanes of the highway.

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