Best Places to Get Eyelash Extensions in Abu Dhabi

Here are all the details to some of the best salons in Abu Dhabi to get your eyelash extensions.

  • Publish date: Friday، 17 February 2023 Last update: Monday، 19 February 2024
Best Places to Get Eyelash Extensions in Abu Dhabi

In 2015, House of Lashes declared February 19th as National Lash Day to focus on eyelash health and highlight the importance of eyelash care and treatment. Eyelashes protect the eyes from dust and moisturize them, so it is important to care for your lashes.

False lashes were first introduced in the early 1900s and it was during this time that mascara was introduced because the first commercial for mascara dates back to 1913.  The trend of false lashes went up and down in the 20th century, but thick and dramatic lashes have come back in style in more recent times.

Here is a list of some of the best salons to get eyelash extensions in Abu Dhabi:  

The Wave Lounge Beauty Spa

The Wave Lounge Beauty Spa's motto is “be beautiful, be you!” as their services ensure that their client’s uniqueness is enhanced and maintained. Their eyelash extension services include Full Set: Classic, which costs AED 400, while the Full Set: Volume option costs AED 500. They also have fill-in options for lashes that range from 1-3 weeks options and lash removal services.

Location: Hidd Al Saadiyat, Al Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi

Instagram: @thewavelounge.ae

La Poupee Beauty Center

Best Places to Get Eyelash Extensions in Abu Dhabi

La Poupee Beauty Center provides a relaxing and friendly atmosphere to its customers and has a team of certified experts who work diligently to enhance their client’s look and make them feel “empowered, beautiful, and confident”. Eyelash Extension-Full Set is provided for AED 500, while Eyelash Extension-Half Set is provided for AED 350. The center also provides eyelash infill, eyelash lifting, and lash removal services.

Location: Master Cake Building, Mezzanine Floor, Airport Road, Abu Dhabi

Instagram: @lapoupee.center

La Rein Beauty Center

La Rein Beauty Center provides top-notch hair and beauty treatments with a team of highly skilled experts. The center ensures that its customers’ beauty needs are well taken care of. The center provides eyelash extensions for AED 160.

Location: Al Raha Beach Hotel, Basement Floor, Abu Dhabi

Instagram: @lareinbeautycenter

Valentina Beauty Lounge

Best Places to Get Eyelash Extensions in Abu Dhabi

Valentina Beauty Lounge’s motto is “beauty is inclusive” welcoming all women to get the best treatment that checks off the boxes for their self-care needs. The lounge provides a variety of options for lash extensions: own lash extension installment for AED 25, salon set for AED 50, light lash extension installment for AED 100, and individual lash installment for AED 120.

Location: Al Rakb St, Abu Dhabi (Bani Yas, East 8)

Twiink Studio

Unlike other salons and beauty spas, Twinnk Studio is completely dedicated to lash treatment. The studio’s well-qualified lash artists work tirelessly to give their customers well-defined lashes that complement their facial structure and features. For lash extensions, the options include new set: natural volume for AED 530, new set: classic for AED 250, new set: Russian volume for AED 580, and half set lash extension for AED 350. The studio also provides lash lifts and brow treatments.

Location: Unit B1-11, Al Muneera Beach Plaza Level B, Al Raha Beach, Abu Dhabi

Instagram: @twiinkstudio

Ghazalim Beauty Center

Ghazalim Beauty Center has been immensely praised for its friendly and accommodating employees, immaculate salon, and wonderful beauty and hair services. The center provides eyelash extension refill from AED 135 and lower lash eyelash refill for AED 100. They also provide lash extension removal, lamination, and tinting services.

Location: Al Otaiba Tower, M1 Street, Abu Dhabi (Al Danah, E11)

Physiomins Beauty Center

Physiomins Beauty Center is founded on the principle of individualism as it acknowledges that each woman has her unique self-care needs and their employees do their best to cater to their clients’ requirements. The center provides eyelash extensions-full set from a price of AED 368. They also provide eyelash extension refill and removal services.

Location: Forsan Town Square, Forsan Village, Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi

Instagram: @physiominsbeauty

The Princess Lounge Ladies Salon

The Princess Lounge is all about pampering its clients with the best beauty treatments in the soothing and chic environment of the salon. The salon provides full-volume fox lash extensions for AED 420 and classic fox lash extensions for AED 315.

Location: G-04 Damac Oceanscape Tower, Al Reem Island, Abu Dhabi

Boho Salon

Best Places to Get Eyelash Extensions in Abu Dhabi

Boho Salon is a cruelty-free salon that utilizes products, which are sustainably produced to give beauty treatments that not only cater to clients’ needs, but also to the environment. The salon provides two lash extension options: classic half set for AED 255 and volume full set for AED 425. They also provide lash lift, tint, and refill options.

Location: Al Rayyana, Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi

Instagram: @bohosalon.ae

Eyelash Extension Center

Best Places to Get Eyelash Extensions in Abu Dhabi

Eyelash Extension Center is also solely dedicated to providing safe, cruelty-free, and vegan eyelash treatment. Full-set eyelash extensions cost AED 650 and the center provides lash lifting and lash removal services.

Location: Shop no. 11, Souk Qariyat Al Beri, Abu Dhabi

Instagram: @eyelash.extension.center

Celebrate Lash Day at any of these salons and get the perfect lashes to enhance your beautiful face.  

All images are from the salons' official websites.