Kelly Slater Tests Surf Abu Dhabi's Waves Before 2024 Opening

  • Publish date: Thursday، 09 November 2023
Kelly Slater Tests Surf Abu Dhabi's Waves Before 2024 Opening

Surfing icon Kelly Slater recently test-drove the waves at the upcoming Surf Abu Dhabi, a man-made wave park set to open early next year. Located on Hudayriyat Island in Abu Dhabi, this park boasts the world's longest ride, largest barrel, and highest man-made wave, making it a global surfing destination.

In collaboration with the Kelly Slater Wave Company (KSWC) and developed by Modon Properties, Surf Abu Dhabi aims to cater to surfers of all skill levels, from beginners to elite. Slater, an 11-time World Surf League champion, expressed his excitement about the project, stating that the wave in Abu Dhabi "stacks up well against some of the best waves on Earth." Slater, along with surfing champions like Caroline Marks and Filipe Toledo, sees the park as an opportunity to bring the joy of surfing to a unique part of the world.

Surf Abu Dhabi marks a significant milestone, as Abu Dhabi is not traditionally associated with surfing. Slater's involvement in designing and building the wave underscores the park's potential to provide endless fun for people of all skill levels and introduce surfing to a region unfamiliar with the sport. The first-ever test wave with Slater and other surfing legends is a testament to the project's progress and its commitment to creating a world-class surfing experience in Abu Dhabi.

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