Best Taiwan Night Markets to Satisfy Street Food Cravings

  • Publish date: Monday، 18 October 2021
Best Taiwan Night Markets to Satisfy Street Food Cravings
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Taiwanese night markets (or Yèsh) are street marketplaces in Taiwan that operate between the hours of sunset and dawn. It has become an attractive tourist site for international visitors that carry cameras and take photos while they wander, buy, and eat in groups, ranging from small local gatherings to bustling avenues lined with vendors. Most night markets are open every day and include a variety of vendors offering clothes, consumer items, Xiaochi (snacks or fast food), and specialty beverages. If you live and UAE, and you’re planning to visit Taiwan to explore its night markets, find below a list of the most popular Taiwanese night markets.  

Tourism in Taiwan  


Taiwan is strategically positioned in East Asia's heart, it boasts unique natural scenery, culinary, and cultural traits, as well as an international-level tourism environment. Furthermore, it’s recognized for its efficient handling of the COVID virus, has been praised for its efforts in stimulating the interest of travelers in learning more about the place to visit after the borders are opened as people adjust to their new regular way of life.  

Taiwan, which has proven to be the frontrunner in controlling this virus, will soon welcome visitors as the issue is still under control and all regulations are being followed.  

Best Taiwan Night Markets 

Night Market

  1. Taipei Ning Xia Night Market  

Are you searching for a place where you can try a variety of traditional Taiwanese foods all at once! You must visit Ningxia night market, one of Taipei's oldest night markets with a long history, where visitors can have a nostalgic trip back in time to Taipei. 

Taipei Ning Xia Night Market gets packed quickly as the sun sets and is filled with two rows of food booths separated by a short path for customers to stroll through, therefore it’s a famous attraction to try various delectable Taiwanese snack cuisine. Ningxia night market is Taipei's first night market to segregate pedestrian and automobile traffic, allowing visitors to enjoy the culinary and shopping more easily. 

Throughout the years, the night market has won several awards, including finest night market to wander around, tastiest night market, most charismatic night market, most friend friendly night market, and most eco-friendly night market. 

  • Location: 15-minute walk from Taipei's Zhongshan Metro Station, near the Datong District traffic circle. 

  1. Taichung Feng Chia Night Market 

Feng Chia, one of Taichung's most well-known night markets, it’s popular among students due to its proximity to two major institutions, Feng Chia University, and the Overseas Chinese University in Xitun District. 

Feng-Chia Night Market, which is around 1 kilometer wide, is Taiwan's top night market experience, it is believed that there are around 15,000 stores and approximately 30,000 to 40,000 consumers. Taichung Feng Chia Night Market provides visitors with many products such as clothes, toys, gadgets, CDs, DVDs, accessories, and other items that are one-of-a-kind and reasonably priced. 

The delicacies in the night market will make you drool; there are several vendors serving a diverse range of delicacies from across the world, although it includes Food kiosks and restaurants. We recommend you try the sweet potato balls, one of Taichung Feng Chia Night Market's famous street foods.  

  • Location: Wenhua Rd, Xitun District, Taichung city. 

  1. Tainan Hua Yuan (Garden) Night Market  

The Flower Night Market, or Hua Yuan Ye Shi, has become Tainan's most popular night market. When it comes to night market culture, Tainan is no exception. This is Tainan's largest night market, as well as Taiwan's largest fully outdoor night market. Garden NM is the largest and most well-known among both locals and visitors. In fact, Tainan's night markets are where a lot of the street food you see across the island comes from. 

Try specialties like oyster omelets, hand-made mochi stuffed with peanut or black sesame, and sticky rice sausages in the food stall section. For a quick snack on the go, try the popular Taiwanese rendition of the Middle Eastern Shawarma sandwich.  

The market is open from 6:00 p.m. until beyond midnight on Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Note that by 7 p.m., the place is packed, so arrive early to take your time looking around and enjoying the food. 

  • Location: Haian Road, Section 3, between Lixian Rd. and Hewei Rd., North District.  

  1. Kaohsiung Rui Feng Night Market  

The Rui feng Night Market has been around for almost two decades. It is conveniently positioned near the Kaohsiung Arena MRT station, making it a popular tourist destination. 

Rui feng is situated in an area, like a square, with hundreds of stalls occupying every available space. It contains around 21 rows of stalls and has about 1000 stalls. Parking is provided right next door at the Kaohsiung Arena in Kaohsiung's Zuoying District. 

The biggest distinction between this market and others is the way it is set up: instead of being set up along the street like all other night markets, it is set up along the sidewalk. You can get any type of traditional Taiwan night market food you want, as well as games, clothing, and other items to explore in the market. 

You can also bargain for handicrafts, clothing, shoes, and accessories with the locals. Try your luck and win prizes at the gaming alley while enjoying a stroll in the evening. 

  •  Location: near the Kaohsiung Arena MRT station. 

  1. Hualien Dong Da Men Night Market  

The Hualien Night Market, commonly known as the Dong da men Night Market, opened in 2015 and is without a doubt the most fascinating market on Taiwan's East Coast. The market covers approximately 9 hectares and has over 400 vendors. Along with the meal, there will be performers such as singers, guitarists, drummers, dancers, and more. The night market also has various sections with carnival-style games including dart throwing, ring tossing, and crossbow shooting. You might even get lucky and win a reward while you're there! The games are cheap, and the prices are modest but adorable. You'll have to pay in cash, so make sure you have some handy! 

Hualien Dong Da Men Night Market opens every day from 6 p.m. until 12 a.m. Arriving early allows you to grab the most popular foods without having to wait. There are both vegetarian and non-vegetarian alternatives available. 

  • Location: Zhongshan Rd, Hualien City, Hualien County.