Bioderma’s Photoderm Pediatrics Range

Discover Your Baby’s First Sun Care! Decoding layers of science, its significance & why it is good for the planet and your child

  • Publish date: Friday، 05 July 2024
Bioderma’s Photoderm Pediatrics Range

As enablers of generations of healthy skin, the experts at Bioderma recognize the significance of shielding and nurturing children's delicate skin. Young skin and adult skin have diverse capabilities and needs, and after years of research, experience, and expertise, studies reflect that up until the age of two years, babies and young children are particularly vulnerable to sun damage. This is precisely why it's imperative to have sun protection and skin care that is carefully designed keeping their precise needs at the epicentre.  

At Bioderma, biology remains at the service of dermatology, which is why they leverage science, decades of industry-leading acumen, and clinical expertise, along with their continued collaboration with over 150,000+ healthcare professionals across the globe to develop a range that’s consciously designed for your little love.  

The embraced approach by Bioderma is simple; to better understand and address the biological factors influencing skin layers that successfully enable, empower, and help it regains its natural balance. This is one of the founding principles of ecobiology and it is precisely this unique method that was inspired by NAOS over forty years ago. This approach is actively applied in all Bioderma products and ensures all formulations are aligned with ecobiology principles – respecting the skin ecosystem and preserving its health lastingly. 

Begin by discovering the science behind Bioderma's Photoderm Pediatrics Range and why it's the perfect choice for your little one.  

The Importance of Gentle Sun Care For Your Baby  

It comes as no surprise that babies and young children have sensitive skin. Up until the age of two years, their young skin is on a journey of developing its skin barrier function, making their skin more susceptible to damage from the sun. This is because their skin is fragile, thinner and produces less melanin, making it more vulnerable to sunburn and long-term damage.  

Even the slightest exposure to the harsh rays of the sun can cause lasting harm, including sunburn, premature aging, and an increased risk of skin cancer at a later point in their life.  

Therefore, it's crucial to reduce their exposure to the sun, especially during peak heat hours while also, protecting their delicate skin whenever they are outdoors.  

Acquaint Yourself to Bioderma’s Photoderm  

Backed by science, recommended by dermatologists + paediatricians, & loved by moms  

Championing dermatological skincare, Bioderma understands the special attention and delicate needs of babies’ skin which is what gave birth to their Photoderm Pediatrics Range – a collection that’s carefully designed to provide maximum yet gentle protection for young, delicate skin.  

Bioderma relies on dermatological expertise to develop each of its formulas and ensure it is perfectly safe and for this range, it has tapped into all of its skin biology expertise. Bioderma’s Photoderm range is proudly backed by clinical studies, scientific research, and decades of global medical expertise, ensuring that each product is safe and effective for your little one. This range combines advanced formulations of nurturing ingredients, protective properties, and skin barrier fortification by merging the latest advancements in skincare.  

Furthermore, boasting the superior  

Sun Barrier Technology  

that offers triple protection 

Bioderma’s Photoderm meets the precise needs of young baby skin by  

  • enhancing their sebum and squalene reserves with naturally protective ingredients  

  • strengthening their fragile barrier function 

  • providing them with additional antioxidant protection.  

It guarantees broad spectrum coverage that is reinforced against long and short UVA rays while containing UV filters with a low ecotox profile and enhances the skin barrier function with protective ingredients like apricot kernel oil and antioxidants including Vitamin E that prevent UV oxidation and long-term damage.  

Explore Your Baby’s First Sun Care Range  

#1 Photoderm Pediatrics Lait SPF 50+  

Bioderma’s Photoderm Pediatrics Lait is a gentle formula that is committed to providing your little love with maximum protection against the sun's harsh rays while moisturizing and soothing their delicate skin for up to 8 hours. Innately multi-resistant, this formula is built to live through water, sweat, sand, and rubbing, ensuring long-lasting protection, even during outdoor play – keeping your precious love’s skin soft and supple throughout the day.  

#2 Photoderm Pediatrics Spray SPF 50+  

This easy-to-apply spray promises broad-spectrum protection against both UVA and UVB rays with an invisible texture that is ideal for children who are always out and about. Due to its ingredients, formula, and multi-resistant nature, Bioderma’s Photoderm Pediatrics Spray is superiorly resistant to sweat, water, sand, and rubbing, while also being fluid across wet or dry skin, ensuring maximum protection for protected outdoor play.  

#3 Photoderm Pediatrics Mineral SPF 50+  

A nurturing formula that consists of 100% mineral filters, this sunscreen provides gentle yet effective protection for your baby's delicate skin – making it ideal for sensitive or atopic-prone skin, particularly for babies above 0 months.  

Consciously designed for fragile skin, Bioderma’s Photoderm Pediatrics Mineral Spray SPF 50+ offers  

  • +28% antioxidant protection* 

  • 80% more moisture and hydration** 

  • 93% more non-greasy and non-sticky  

This combination makes this product a preferred pick for babies while ensuring no white residues are left behind on their skin.  

Bioderma’s Photoprotection Expertise  

Inspired by ecobiology, designed for your child & the planet  

Bioderma, NAOS’s dermatology laboratory, is unwaveringly committed to protecting both, your child's skin and the environment which is why their products are consciously designed with the profound respect for the skin and the environment, using ingredients that are  

  • Clean 

  • Safe  

  • Effective 

  • Eco-friendly 

This principle stems from their core philosophy of protecting and reinforcing the skin as opposed to overloading it with filters which is why their range is minimalist yet offers  

  • very high tolerance 

  • free from controversial filters equalling  

  • no octocrylene 

  • no homosalate 

  • no staining filters 

  • no silicones  

  • no alcohol  

  • above all, they are 100% non-ecotoxic.  

It is important to remember that good habits, skincare, and otherwise, begin young. Embrace the safest skincare practices young, especially when it circles around protecting your child's delicate skin and trust Bioderma's Photoderm Pediatrics Range to empower generations of healthy skin.  

Developed and designed with advanced formulations, and protective ingredients, and backed by science and clinical expertise, shield your little love with gentle care that their young skin deserves. Designed in Aix-en Provence and manufactured in France, Bioderma’s Photoderm range is innovative, pleasant to use, and available in generous sizes for your little love. Begin today, and gift your child a lifetime of healthy, supple, and happy skin with Bioderma’s Photoderm Range.  

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