Where to Get the Best Middle Eastern Food Spots in Los Angeles

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 27 September 2023
Where to Get the Best Middle Eastern Food Spots in Los Angeles

Los Angeles locals are captivated by Middle Eastern cuisine for its special mix of flavors and varied dishes. Middle Eastern food stands out worldwide with its aromatic spices, fresh herbs, and the perfect balance of sweet and savory flavors. Whether it's the tempting shawarmas, creamy hummus, or delightful baklava, Middle Eastern dishes create a unique and unforgettable culinary experience.

These are the five best places in Los Angeles to savor delightful Middle Eastern cuisine:

1. Raffi’s Place


Image from LA Times

Raffi’s Place offers a special dining experience by blending genuine Persian and Middle Eastern flavors in a charming indoor and outdoor setting that mirrors a Mediterranean-style courtyard. The atmosphere has a touch of a French bistro, featuring white tablecloths and wicker chairs, and one notable feature is a tree situated in the middle of the restaurant. For a taste of their menu, try the barg kabob, char-grilled to perfection and seasoned just right. However, any choice from their menu is a winner, served on a fluffy bed of rice dusted with sumac, accompanied by grilled tomato and Anaheim pepper. Prices range from 6 to 49 USD. You can find them at 211 E Broadway, Glendale, CA 91205, USA, and to contact them, dial (818) 240-7411.

2. Bavel


Image from Bavel DTLA

Bavel, situated in the bustling Arts District, boasts a vibrant industrial dining space with hanging vines, an expansive open kitchen, and a spacious patio. The atmosphere is inviting, and the food is a delightful Middle Eastern fusion of familiar dishes. You'll discover creative twists like duck 'nduja hummus, honey mushroom tzatziki with grilled celery root, and a generously portioned lamb neck shawarma. Their diverse menu offers various pita and flatbread options that enhance your dining experience. Prices range from 9 to 155 USD. Find them at 500 Mateo St, Los Angeles, CA 90013, USA, or reach them at 213 232-4966.

3. Khinkali House

Khinkali House

Image from Wolt

At Khinkali House, you'll discover a blend of exceptional hospitality and traditional cuisine that will level up your dining experience. The specialty here is khinkali, a Georgian dumpling rooted in the country's mountain regions. Their menu offers a range of authentic dishes like pilmeni, ghaurma, assorted meat skewers, flavorful salads, and hearty soups. Whether you're savoring the signature khinkali or exploring their diverse menu offerings, you'll find a warm and inviting atmosphere. Prices at Khinkali Factory are quite reasonable, ranging from 3.5 to 19 USD. You can find this delightful spot at 113 N Artsakh Ave, Glendale, CA, and reach them at (818) 649-1015.

4. Hollywood Shawarma

Fatteh, center, and other Syrian-inspired dishes at weekend pop-up Nawal.

Image from LA Times

Hollywood Shawarma is a cozy little spot known for its mouthwatering, delicately sliced, and perfectly seasoned mixed lamb and beef shawarma. Served in a delightful pan-grilled wrap, it pairs wonderfully with pomegranate juice and crispy french fries. The shawarma promises a melt-in-your-mouth experience, especially when enjoyed with delectable sauces like tahini for lamb and beef and garlic dip for chicken. Prices range from 3 to 20 USD, and you can find them at 6319 Hollywood Blvd, West Hollywood, CA. While they don't have indoor seating, a few sidewalk tables are available for outdoor dining.

5. Kobee Factory

Kobee Factory

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Kobee Factory offers an extensive selection of flavorful dishes with a variety of spices to choose from. Located in a small strip mall in Van Nuys, it's renowned for its delicious Syrian cuisine. While many opt for takeout by calling in advance, during lunchtime, locals can be seen enjoying platters of rice-stuffed musadeen, hearty msabbaha dip, and warm bowls of kishik in their charming pastel green dining room. Don't miss their signature kobees, a type of kibbeh – crispy, spiced beef and bulgur wheat patties with pine nuts. You'll also love their shawarma wraps bursting with hummus and the crispy, bite-sized falafel. Prices range from 11 to 30 USD, and you can find them at 14110 Oxnard St, Van Nuys, CA 91401, or call (818) 909-2593.