Filipino and Emirati Snag Brand-New Cars in Big Ticket Draw

Lucky Winners Galileo Balitaan and Bushra Alnaqbi Drive Home Dream Cars

  • Publish date: Monday، 15 April 2024
Filipino and Emirati Snag Brand-New Cars in Big Ticket Draw

At the much-anticipated April 3 Big Ticket live draw, Galileo Balitaan and Bushra Alnaqbi clinched the ultimate prizes — a Maserati Ghibli and Range Rover Evoque, respectively.

In what marks the final draw before a temporary hiatus, Abu Dhabi's Big Ticket lottery saw its latest winners walk away with luxury vehicles. This draw follows an announcement on April 1 of a pause in operations to comply with UAE gaming regulations.

Series 262's scheduled live draw unfolded on Wednesday, April 3, offering participants a last chance at winning coveted prizes. For Galileo Balitaan, a Filipino residing in Abu Dhabi, the five-year journey of purchasing Big Ticket raffle tickets finally paid off with the grand prize of a brand-new Maserati Ghibli. Balitaan, a nursing professional, secured his winning ticket at the Abu Dhabi International Airport's in-store counter.

Expressing elation upon receiving the news, Balitaan shared plans to sell the car to fund his children's education. With two kids set to embark on college journeys, he aims to invest in their future prospects.

Meanwhile, Emirati Bushra Alnaqbi, employed at SEHA, found herself in possession of a Range Rover Evoque after securing her Dream Car ticket online. This first-time winner intends to keep the car and looks forward to creating lasting memories with her family.

As these fortunate individuals revel in their triumph, the Big Ticket draw closes a chapter, promising to return with more exciting opportunities in the future.

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