The Best Neighborhoods for Expats in Sharjah

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 17 October 2023
The Best Neighborhoods for Expats in Sharjah

The emirate of Sharjah stands as a cultural and economic powerhouse, boasting a rich history and a growing expat population. As of the latest statistics, the expatriate community comprises over 70% of Sharjah's residents. This shows that Sharjah is a popular place for people from all around the world.

Within this vibrant tapestry, Sharjah offers a multitude of neighborhoods, each with its unique features and attractions. So, it's important for expats to take a good look at all the neighborhoods before deciding where to live. This helpful guide takes a closer look at some of Sharjah's most popular neighborhoods, providing valuable information to assist expats in finding their perfect home in this lively emirate.

Here's a look at some of the best areas to consider in Sharjah:

Al Khan

Al Khan, located along the sparkling coastline, is a sought-after neighborhood for expats. Its prime location offers residents direct access to the charming Arabian Gulf, making it a paradise for beach lovers. Catering to diverse preferences, housing options in Al Khan range from contemporary apartments to luxurious villas.

The Best Neighborhoods for Expats in Sharjah

This charming neighborhood boasts a wealth of amenities, including a variety of shopping centers, diverse dining establishments serving global cuisines, and a wide range of reputable educational institutions. Al Khan's allure is further accentuated by its proximity to the neighboring Al Qasba district, renowned for its vibrant entertainment, cultural events, and festivals, which is why it's a top choice for both families and individuals seeking an enriched lifestyle.

Al Taawun

The Best Neighborhoods for Expats in Sharjah

Al Taawun's appeal lies in its modern high-rise apartment buildings and its close proximity to major shopping malls like Al Taawun Mall and Sahara Centre. The neighborhood hums with city life, attracting expats who appreciate the convenience of a wide range of amenities right at their doorstep. Food enthusiasts will be delighted by the assortment of dining options, offering a global culinary journey without leaving the neighborhood.

Al Majaz

The Best Neighborhoods for Expats in Sharjah

Al Majaz presents a serene waterfront living experience, characterized by lush parks, peaceful promenades, and breathtaking views. This neighborhood harmoniously combines natural beauty with a bustling urban lifestyle. Families and individuals alike are drawn to Al Majaz for its quiet atmosphere, numerous recreational activities, and the iconic Al Majaz Waterfront, which hosts a multitude of cultural and entertainment events throughout the year.

Al Nahda

The Best Neighborhoods for Expats in Sharjah

Positioned at the border of Sharjah and Dubai, Al Nahda provides a practical choice for expats seeking affordable housing options. The skyline is dominated by high-rise apartment buildings that offer a contemporary living experience. Al Nahda features a robust infrastructure with a multitude of educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and retail outlets. Its strategic location near the E11 highway ensures seamless connectivity to Dubai, making it a preferred choice for commuters.


The Best Neighborhoods for Expats in Sharjah

Muwaileh, situated in the eastern part of Sharjah, is an attractive option for expats in search of a peaceful suburban setting. This neighborhood offers a diverse selection of housing options, including apartments and villas. Muwaileh is known for its family-friendly ambiance, highlighted by numerous green spaces, parks, and easy access to educational institutions, making it an ideal choice for families seeking a serene yet vibrant living environment.

Al Qasimia

The Best Neighborhoods for Expats in Sharjah

Al Qasimia is favored by expats in pursuit of economical housing solutions. It's a well-established neighborhood, defined by its unique blend of residential and commercial properties. Al Qasimia's strategic location, in close proximity to the heart of Sharjah, ensures conveniences, including a variety of retail outlets, restaurants, and several educational establishments.

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