Bob's Fish & Chips Offers 50 Free Meals a Day in Ramadan

  • Publish date: Thursday، 22 April 2021
Bob's Fish & Chips Offers 50 Free Meals a Day in Ramadan
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Ramadan is the month of giving where many food outlets and companies fund and help in speading awareness for sharing meals including Bob’s Fish and Chips Offering 1000 free meals this Ramadan

The known fast food Bob’s Fish and Chips are getting into the Ramadan spirit by offering 50 free meals a day until the end of Ramadan.

“In the true spirit of Ramadan and to celebrate my 50th birthday, I and my epic team at Bob’s Fish & Chips has just pledged 50 meals a day for the rest of Ramadan!” says Bob.

He’s asked for nominations for people who have had a rough year – which after 2020 and the start of this year is most people to be honest!

You can nominate a person who deserves a free fish and chip meal, as he made the announcement via his Facebook page in a post!

You or anyone whom you think deserves this free meal can get it, it is located in Dubai Marina, so if you are craving fish and chips for iftar, head there and even nominate yourself and the ones you love for a free meal!

H.H Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid’s has also launched the 100 Million Mealsto help people around the world. The campaign has reached 90% of its goal by the second week of Ramadan.

Image Source: Zomato