Ramadan UAE: Restaurants in Dubai Not Required to Use Screens

  • Publish date: Monday، 12 April 2021
Ramadan UAE: Restaurants in Dubai Not Required to Use Screens

Dubai’s Department of Economic Development (Dubai Economy) on Sunday issued a circular stating that restaurants in the emirate will not have to screen visible dining areas during fasting hours in the Holy Month of Ramadan.

The new circular replaces circulars issued in previous years that have required restaurants to block dining areas from the sight of those who are fasting.

Restaurants will be allowed to serve customers without putting in place curtains, dividers or facades as has been the mandatory practice previously.

Restaurants are also not required to obtain a permit for serving food to customers during Ramadan fasting hours.

The new circular will come into effect from the first day of The Holy Month of Ramadan.

Licensed premises and bars can open, as long as they ensure patrons are respectful, there is no live music and entertainment is kept to a minimum.

Ramadan UAE Guidlines:

• Avoid all majlis and public gatherings;

• Iftar and suhoor can be shared only by relatives living in the same house;

• Avoid exchanging food with other families;

• Refrain from any big gatherings related to Ramadan activities;

• No collective iftar tents; no meals in front of mosque or anywhere else;

• Restaurants cannot distribute meals inside or outside their premises;

• Meals can be distributed in labour accommodation, only. Those who are interested in giving iftar meals to workers should contact the manager of the accommodation and a restaurant to arrange the distribution of meal packets;

• Tarawih prayers will be conducted under the precautionary measures already announced;

• Mosques should be sanitised before and after prayers;

• Do not distribute physical copies of the holy Quran; people should read the Quran digitally;

• Masks must be worn all times outside the home.

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