Dubai Barbershop Offers Free Haircuts Worth AED220

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 21 April 2021
Dubai Barbershop Offers Free Haircuts Worth AED220

CG Barbershop in Dubai Media City in Dubai is living up to the Ramadan spirit and is offering free haircuts and beard trims worth up to Dh220 ($59) to jobseekers this Ramadan.

The men’s salon accepts residents who aren’t working and are doing ongoing interviews to make them look good and feel confident while meeting potential new employers.

This initiative is a collaboration between the salon and Stop and Help, a Facebook group set up to help families struggling during the pandemic.

“We’re a small business and we opened in September 2019. Less than six months later we had to temporarily shut because of the lockdown,” Co-owner Francesca Gamal said.

“Like many small businesses worldwide, we were impacted by the pandemic. We’ve recognised that if we can help ease the burden for some people, then we will.

A typical haircut at CG Barbershop costs Dh150, while a haircut and beard trim is Dh220.

Image Source: Instagram