Boost Your Immune System During Ramadan

  • Publish date: Monday، 26 April 2021
Boost Your Immune System During Ramadan

As we are not only in Ramadan but also fighting a Pandemic, it is crucial to boost our immune systems naturally, specially while fasting and if you are looking for natural ways to boost your immune system during Ramadan.

Studies prove that fasting can boost and restore ones immune system and fight off infections so if you are fasting in Ramadan here is how you can stimulate the boost of your immune system.

Nutritionist Merve Öz says fasting allows the body to focus its energy on one at a time, and thus stopping digestion for a specific period allows the immune system to be more active. This will allow the body to repair cells and fight off germs better. Öz says between sahur and iftar is when the immune system will be most active but to ensure this, she emphasized the necessity of getting up to eat a wholesome sahur meal, no matter how inclined you may be to go back to sleep.

“If you don't get up for sahur, your body will be stressed due to a prolonged period of hunger, which may lower your immunity," she says.

Of course, they main key and base is to go for lighter but filling food that will replace all of the nutrients you lose throughout the day, including essential food such as grains, vegetables, fruit, proteins and more.

“A nutritious soup, eggs, cheese, olives, greens, cucumbers, tomatoes would be ideal (or sahur). Oatmeal lovers can also consider it as an option," says Öz.

When breaking your fast as tempting as main courses could be, go for soups and salads first take a break and dive in the main course.

Since your brain won't register the signal that you are getting full until after 20 minutes, taking a break before eating again helps you slow down and give you more control over your portions. Soup is a particularly great choice for starters as it helps your body slowly adjust to the feeling of satiety and prevents a sudden increase in blood sugar.

Most importantly is to make sure you are drinking atleast 1.5 liters of water as Öz said, “Water also helps to remove toxins from the body, transport nutrients to our cells and neutralizes bacteria and viruses."