Restaurants that Prepare Ramadan Iftar Boxs in UAE

  • Publish date: Monday، 04 April 2022
Restaurants that Prepare Ramadan Iftar Boxs in UAE

During Ramadan, Muslims practice good habits and participate in more charity activities as part of worship to become closer to Allah. One of the charity activities Muslims do is distributing Ramadan meals to Muslims in need. Restaurants in UAE provide a box including a full Iftar meal at affordable prices, so it is possible to buy large quantities. Find out in this article the restaurants in UAE that prepare iftar boxes for Ramadan.   

Restaurants offering Ramadan Iftar Meals in UAE   

Note that all restaurants below provide distribution services to people in need, all you must do is order and pay, and some allow you to pay online. 

Special Biryani 

Special Biryani Iftar box includes Chicken and rice meal, Laban up, Juice, Water, AND Dates for 10 Dhs. You can pay for the meals online, and they will distribute the meals to people in need for free. Special Biryani offers 1 meal per day for 300 Dhs for people in need.   

Warsan Mandi Restaurant 

Warsan Mandi Restaurant Iftar box is 10 Dhs per meal; it includes Chicken Mandi meal, yogurt, water, and dates. All you need to do is order the meals and pay. Warsan Mandi Restaurant team will distribute the meals in collaboration with the International Charity Organization in UAE.   

Seiyun Mandi  

Seiyun Mandi Iftar box includes Chicken Mandi meal, yogurt, water, and dates for 10 Dhs per meal, and there is a special price for large quantities.  

White Mocha Càfe 

For 10 Dhs per meal, you can buy a Ramadan Iftar box from White Mocha Càfe, which includes Chicken and rice, Sambosa, Water, Yogurt, and Water. They provide distributing meal services for people in need, and you can pay for them online.   

Al Sadda Reastaurant  

Al Sadda Restaurant provides a Ramdan Iftar box for 12 Dhs per meal, and it includes Chicken Mandi meal, Water, Laban Up, and Dates. Al Sadda Restaurant is collaborating with charity organizations in UAE to distribute the meals, and you can pay online for the meals.   

Italianto Café 

Last but not least on our list is Italianto Café which offers a special Ramdan Iftar box for 10 Dhs per meal only! The box includes Biryani, Salad, Yogurt, Soup, Sweet, Dates, and Water. You can also pay 300 Dhs per month.  

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