Common Arabic Words to Use In The UAE

  • Publish date: Friday، 04 June 2021
Common Arabic Words to Use In The UAE

If you are a non-Arab expat in UAE then you probably heard the word, ‘yallah’, ‘tamam’, ‘shukran’, ‘mashalla’ and more.  Arabic is UAE’s predominant language and there are over 300 million Arabic speakers worldwide, so it is essential to know a few  Arabic words. Here are some words and phrases that you can use when going around UAE or even to your Arabic friends.

  • Mashallah

Mashalla is a word that describes gratitude and when translated literally can mean ‘God willed’. You can use this term when you see someone looking beautiful or anything you like in general.

  • Alhamdulillah

The literal meaning is, “praise to God’ and can be used when you are expressing gratitude, such as I got a good grade, alhamdulillah.

  • Inshallah

Inshallah means ‘if God wills’, for example, “I am travelling on the 6th inshalla” it is widely used as well when kids as their parents if they can go to a place and the mother or father says, ‘inshalla’.

  • Yallah

Yalla means let’s go and it is used when you want something do or completed such as, ‘yalla move’ or ‘yalla let’s go’.

It is great to know some commonly used Arabic words! Especially in Arabic countries as an expat!

Image Source: WAM

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