UAE Ranks Second Most Hardworking Country in the World

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 28 May 2024
UAE Ranks Second Most Hardworking Country in the World

The UAE has been ranked as the world’s second hardest-working country, with residents clocking in an average of 50.9 hours per week. This finding comes from a report by the communications agency duke+mir, which surveyed over 1,000 residents. The report also incorporated global statistics from the International Labour Organization (ILO).

Comparative Global Rankings

According to the ILO data, the UAE's average weekly working hours are second only to Bhutan. Other countries with high average working hours include Lesotho, Congo, and Qatar, rounding out the top five.

UAE Ranks Second Most Hardworking Country in the World

Balancing Work and Leisure

Despite the long working hours, UAE residents actively pursue leisure activities. The study found that 97% of residents go out for entertainment at least once a month. Dining out is also a common activity, with seven out of ten people in the UAE enjoying meals at restaurants every week.

Popular Entertainment at Home

Home-based entertainment is also a significant part of life in the UAE. The report highlights that 83% of residents watch movies and TV shows weekly from home. Additionally, 68% enjoy watching live sports from their own space, preferring the convenience and comfort over attending events in person.

The findings indicate that while UAE residents are among the hardest working in the world, they also prioritize relaxation and enjoyment, maintaining a balance between work and leisure.

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