Dubai to Use AI to Quickly Resolve Rental Disputes

  • Publish date: Thursday، 17 August 2023
Dubai to Use AI to Quickly Resolve Rental Disputes

Dubai has created an artificial intelligence-powered judicial system to resolve rental disputes more quickly.

The AI-powered system will analyze data and issue judgements with minimal human intervention.

The system is expected to enhance the efficiency of the judicial system and to quicken the resolution of rental disputes.

UAE has been promoting development in artificial intelligence with various projects and initiatives. 

UAE has been developing its own language model called 'Falcon'.

The country also launched an AI chatbot 'U-Ask' in Arabic and English. 

Dubai recently launched AI-powered pedestrian crossings and Google AI is being utilised in Abu Dhabi to improve traffic flow in the emirate.

With this new AI judicial system, the UAE is working diligently towards advancing in the AI sector.