Deliveroo joins hands with Chef Halawa to host a ‘Full Life’

Supper Club. The exclusive culinary experience has been designed to contribute to Deliveroo’s ongoing partnership with Emirates Red Crescent

  • Publish date: Friday، 12 August 2022
Deliveroo joins hands with Chef Halawa to host a ‘Full Life’

Nothing unites people more than a shared meal. Especially one that has been designed to give back to the community. As part of Deliveroo’s global ‘Full Life’ campaign, the award-winning aggregator has partnered with Chef Halawa to host an exclusive supper club on the 18th of August. Food lovers across the UAE are invited to sign up for a gourmet experience, the proceeds of which will be used to purchase food boxes to be donated via Deliveroo’s ongoing partnership with Emirates Red Crescent. 

For a chance to feast on this exclusive table, customers can book their spot for the price of only AED 375 by reaching out to Chef Halawa directly on his Instagram page. Bookings will be made on a first come first served basis. All proceeds from bookings will be utilised to support Deliveroo’s ongoing partnership with Emirates Red Crescent where the latter will donate key grocery essentials to vulnerable groups across the UAE. 

Chef Halawa hails from Palestine and cooks authentic dishes that celebrate the Levantine. He has come aboard the ‘Full Life’ campaign to enable his fans across the country to make a very important contribution alongside his signature supper club experience. From the Palestinian Musakhan and the Beetroot mutabbal all the way to Chef’s signature cheesy Knafeh Nabulsiyeh, diners are guaranteed a meal that celebrates creativity, exclusivity and, in this case, a good cause.  

Speaking about his partnership with Deliveroo for ‘Full Life’, Chef Halawa said, “Bringing people together over wholesome food and inspiring conversations has always been at the heart of what I do. I am so proud that this extremely special experience is now supporting ‘Full Life’, which has been designed to give back to those in need across the UAE. Customers who book a seat this time around will not just enjoy the food, but will also leave knowing that they have made a significant contribution to the country we call home.”
As a pillar of Deliveroo’s global Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy, ‘Full Life’ initially launched in the UK in 2021 to tackle food insecurities around the world and support the local communities across Deliveroo’s markets.   

Chef Halawa’s partnership with Deliveroo is one of the ongoing initiatives for Full Life in the UAE, which was launched earlier this month in partnership with Emirates Red Crescent. From the 1st of August to the end of October, a dedicated page on the Deliveroo App is available for customers to donate food boxes to the underprivileged in the UAE. 

Fans of Chef Halawa who are unable to secure a spot on the exclusive supper club, are still encouraged to hop on the Deliveroo app and make a contribution by purchasing a food box anywhere between AED 50 and AED 500. 

Link to book: @chefhalawa 

Link to donate to Full Life directly: Emirates Red Crescent Page on Deliveroo App 

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