CZN Burak Serving Delicious Ramadan Dishes

  • Publish date: Sunday، 18 April 2021
CZN Burak Serving Delecious Ramadan Dishes

For those fasting in Ramadan, food is very scared! Even though the Holy Month is not only about food, but also kindness and forgiveness, we can’t seem to get the yummy dishes off our minds and Chef Burak is serving up some delish Ramadan treats.

All we can think about is when will the sun set after scrolling through chef CZN Burak’s Instagram page.


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CZN Burak never fails to impress whether by its delicious meats and kebabs or its mouth drooling Kunafeh and amazing Turkish Baklava.

From the veggie rice to the kebab, CZN Burak has the ultimate Ramadan feast, the yellow and brown rice, the steaming hot kebabs, the lemony soup.


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Just recently, we saw Chef Burak, serving mouth drooling stuffed vine leaves while hosted by Emirati megastar Ahlam Al Shamsi.

The Emirati singer seemed to be in dream land after taking a bite from the popular dish which she managed to do after tricking Chef Burak to look at the sky.


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