Top Chefs to Follow in the GCC on International Chef's Day 2023

  • Publish date: Thursday، 19 October 2023
Top Chefs to Follow in the GCC on International Chef's Day 2023

Each year, October 20th is celebrated as International Chefs Day. Chefs can seize a valuable chance to positively influence the communities by celebrating this unique day and uniting to motivate and educate the upcoming generation about the pleasures of cooking, healthy eating, and sustainability.

In this article, check out the top popular chefs in the GCC region 2023:

1. Chef Shaheen 

Shaheen, an Iraqi chef and recipe developer residing in the UAE, originally pursued a career in architecture. However, his love for cooking led him to compete in Masterchef UK. Shaheen is known for his creative food presentations and his unique approach to preparing Arabic cuisine, which catapulted his Instagram account to close to 4 million followers. 

Top Chefs to Follow in the GCC on International Chef's Day 2023

2. Ahmed Al Zamel

Ahmad Al Zamel, a Kuwaiti Chef and food blogger, turned his passion into a thriving profession, amassing an impressive following of more than 4 million on Instagram.

Top Chefs to Follow in the GCC on International Chef's Day 2023

3. Abir El Saghir

Abir Al-Saghir, a 23-year-old self-taught chef from Lebanon, gained significant prominence on TikTok, becoming the most widely recognized chef on social media. With a current following of 24.1 million and nearly 345 million likes on the platform, this remarkable young chef, affectionately known as "the Arab Disney princess" by her fans, celebrates global cuisine. She does so while donning national attire and immersing herself in the music that characterizes each culture she explores.

4. Hisham Baeshen

Hisham, an internationally renowned chef and content creator hailing from Saudi Arabia, boasts a sizable Instagram following of 4.5 million. He specializes in crafting delectable dishes inspired by Gulf, Levantine, and global cuisines, generously sharing all his recipes on his social media channels. His Instagram page is a culinary treasure trove of mouthwatering recipes.

5. Manal Alalem 

Kuwaiti resident Manal Alalem, a professional Palestinian-Jordanian chef and TV personality, boasts an Instagram following of nearly 4 million. She is famous not only for her expertise in international dishes and desserts but also for her mastery of Middle Eastern and Arab cuisines.

Top Chefs to Follow in the GCC on International Chef's Day 2023

6. Chef Sanjeev Kapoor

Sanjeev Kapoor, an Indian chef and entrepreneur, is renowned for his role in the TV program Khana Khazana, which stands as Asia's longest-running show of its genre. Airing in 120 countries, the show garnered over 500 million viewers by 2010. Kapoor has further achieved success with multiple restaurants in the Middle East and authored highly acclaimed cookbooks.

Sanjeev Kapoor: The Culinary Czar - Forbes India

7. Ahmed Aziz

Ahmed Aziz, a Saudi chef and food blogger, garners widespread attention with his videos thanks to his utilization of uncomplicated cooking methods and his ability to craft delectable recipes. On Instagram, Ahmed Aziz has a dedicated following of more than one million users.

Top Chefs to Follow in the GCC on International Chef's Day 2023

8. Chef Omar

The most well-known chef in the Arab world, Chef Omar, was the first to revolutionize cooking videos by showing you how to make the tastiest dishes in the most direct way. Omar likes to share delicacies from the Arab world, primarily from traditional Syrian cuisine. Chef Omar has more than 3 million YouTube subscribers, over 7 million Facebook fans, and almost 1 million TikTok followers.  

9. Ali Basha

Saudi food vlogger Ali Basha boasts a substantial Instagram following of 1.2 million. He's a renowned chef celebrated for offering recipes from well-known eateries and sharing culinary secrets, not only from Saudi Arabian cuisine but also from various international cuisines.

10.  Deema Hajjawi

Deema Hijjawi, a Jordanian chef, author, and TV host, is the creator of the Deema Hijjawi Cooking Club. She holds a prominent position among the most popular Arab chefs on social media, boasting a massive following of over 1.7 million fans. With three cookbooks to her name, Deema is a celebrated celebrity chef renowned for infusing kitchens across the Middle East with simplicity and passion. Her genuine connection with humanity, humble demeanor, and kind approach resonate daily with her ever-expanding social media audience.


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