Dubai Fashion Stores Are Removing pro-Israel Brands

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 18 May 2021
Dubai Fashion Stores Are Removing pro-Israel Brands

As many people around the world demonstrate and show support to Palestine, people are starting to boycott brands that support Israel. Dubai residents have also joined on the boycotting of any brands that are affiliated with Israel.

Social media activists are using their accounts to shed light on the fashion brand owners who support Israel.

After Cult Gaia’s founder showed support of Israel on social media, Harvey Nichols Dubai and Kuwait declared that they are removing the brand.

Cult Gaia’s founder shared an Insta story declaring that “Israel has the right to defend itself” against Palestine.

Dubai Fashion Stores Are Removing pro-Israel Brands

Jasmin Larian put her Instagram on private. Her Instastory stated that there is a lot of misinformation on social media and the hate is targeted to one side. She also said that she is praying for both sides who are affected by the violence.

Bloomingdales and Farfetch have both removed Cult Gaia from their stores because of it’s open show of support towards the violence.

Many Instagram users turned their profile picture into red in support of the Palestinian cause.

Image Source: Instagram 

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