LE MARAIS 101 presented its new collection in Paris Fashion Week

  • Publish date: Thursday، 13 October 2022
LE MARAIS 101 presented its new collection in Paris Fashion Week

LE MARAIS 101 participated in Paris Fashion Week with an impressive assortment of its unique designs, and the products were presented in one of the most famous fashion stores in Paris, Printemps Haussmann, which is one of the leading French boutiques in the field of French fashion, luxury and beauty.

LE MARAIS 101 presented a collection of its most luxurious items with exceptional touches that pay attention to women's details and needs.

LE MARAIS 101 presented its new collection in Paris Fashion Week

LE MARAIS 101 new collection

During the past weeks, LE MARAIS 101 launched one of the most important fashion lines that will give your look distinctive and different aesthetic touches that express your unique personality.

LE MARAIS 101 presented its new collection in Paris Fashion Week

Among the most prominent products of LE MARAIS 101 are handbag accessories, which are specially designed to suit all tastes and designs that are on the throne of fashion lines.

LE MARAIS 101 presented its new collection in Paris Fashion Week

LE MARAIS 101 and an exceptional step in the world of fashion

LE MARAIS 101 was founded in 2019 by two dreamy women, Zina Khair and Angelique Tournoud, who decided to move away from the traditional and successive purchase of every new bag issued by famous brands and transform each piece that the woman buys into a bag of her own only by adding her personal touch with the accessory piece of her possessions.

LE MARAIS 101 presented its new collection in Paris Fashion Week

Zina Khair, founder and creative director of LE MARAIS 101, and co-founder and designer Angelique Tournoud, stem from a shared desire to rethink certain concepts of fashion to approach the everyday real world in style. Inspired by the Marais, the Parisian neighborhood known and acclaimed for its unique blend of cultures, the brand's name is testament to the two establishments' desire to showcase the splendor of blending with the unfamiliar.

Zina Khair

Zina Khair was known for her participation in charitable works and volunteer work, as well as her clear effort in the field of human rights. After that, Zina launched her project in 2005, after which she officially participated in the establishment of a non-governmental organization to help the blind and visually impaired in Syria.

Zina and her family moved to Dubai in 2012, after the outbreak of war in Syria, where she was passionate about learning about the community in her new home, from the diversity of women from different backgrounds.

Zina felt that the world of fashion was attracting her to him, and that she needed creativity by designing accessories and designs that suit all tastes and grab the attention of all women, and she was keen to produce a distinctive modern product that attracted women.

Angelique Tournoud

After leaving France 25 years ago and joining her husband in the Gulf states, French designer Angélique Tournoud fell in love with the warmth and hospitality of the Gulf community, but it was Dubai that took the lead in her heart, and today she describes it as the land of dreams.
In Dubai, Angelique brought with her her legacy from her mother, who introduced her to the beauty of fabrics and the art of traditional works, which developed in her a refined aesthetic sense and an eye that does not lose sight of details.
A quest for perfection and creativity, Angelique fell in love with Zina's idea of ​​lavishing and personalizing every women's bag she carries.
After hours and hours of research, work, design proposals and experiments, Zina and Angelique's dream has become a reality in high-end collections of bag accessories signed by their elegant LE MARAIS 101 brands.

Special attention to women

LE MARAIS 101 believes that every woman has her own beauty and independent personality, so it always seeks to produce designs that suit different personalities and give them brilliance, more elegance and beauty.

Check more LE MARAIS 101 products and you can choose what suits your own taste and the details of your personality.

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