Best Black Friday Deals in UAE

  • Publish date: Thursday، 24 November 2022
Best Black Friday Deals in UAE

Whether you call it White Friday or Black Friday, the biggest constant beneficiary remains the consumer, no matter what the names are. Do not miss the Black Friday offers in the UAE at the end of this month in huge malls and small shops, as well as at home by shopping online.

What Is Black Friday?

Some call it Black Friday, while others call it White Friday. Some stores also call it Yellow Friday offers, which is a period of time in which huge discounts are offered during the holidays when people have the opportunity to buy gifts and other products at affordable prices.

When is Black Friday 2022 in the UAE?

The date of White Friday 2022 in the UAE in particular and the world as a whole begins on Friday, corresponding to November 25, and may extend until the end of the month, as many stores extend offers of Black Friday in order to provide an opportunity for those who were unable to buy in the specific time.

Black Friday 2022 Offers in Online Stores

Amazon Discounts

The Amazon store provides its customers with many high-quality products, in addition to making them available for sale at competitive prices. This is done by offering a percentage of special discounts on these products. Regarding the special discount rate for Black Friday; Amazon offers the following:

Electronic Device Discounts

o 30% off Sony headphones

o 18% off Samsung phones

o 10% off Microsoft tablets

Homeware Discounts

o 43% off Black & Decker hand tools

o 44% off Black & Decker vacuum cleaners

o 33% off Philips air fryers

Cosmetic Discounts

o 38% off on Philips hair straightening brush

o 45% off Cetaphil products

o 20% off Q phase products

Video Game Discounts

o 16% off the X Box Type S video player

o 10% off Oculus Quest Vr

Noon Discounts

The site announced the start of the biggest discount festival of the year from November 23 to November 27, and the following are the most prominent Noon store discounts on Black Friday 2022, which reach 70%:

• 35% discount coupons + 5% extra discount on the latest cell phones

• 80% discount coupons + 5% additional discount on the most famous international brands

• 55% discount coupons + 5% additional discount on decoration supplies

• Discount code up to 80% + 5% extra discount

• 5% discount coupons on foodstuffs

• 73% discount coupons + an additional 5% discount on toiletries

6th Street Discounts

6th Street is one of the popular sites that offer the best Black Friday deals for men's, women's, and children's clothing. It provides a wide variety of elegant and beautiful clothes from various international brands.

The site announced the start of White Friday 2022 sales on a wide range of products, with rates ranging from 25% to 70%, not to mention the possibility of obtaining an additional discount when using the Save code on your purchase.

Black Friday 2022 Deals in UAE Malls

You can also find many offers and discounts in mall stores; Including the Mall of the Emirates, which includes many stores and restaurants. You can also visit the Dubai Mall, which includes hundreds of international brand stores, and many other Dubai malls and hypermarkets; Like the Black Friday offers in Carrefour in its various branches, do not miss this opportunity to buy gifts for your loved ones.

Black Friday 2022 offers in UAE malls include the following:

Carrefour Discounts

o 40% discount on food and care products

o 25% discount on dairy products

o 60% discount on electronics

o 15% discount on home appliances

Gap Discounts

o 10% discount on all products

o 50% discount and an additional 10% discount when purchasing online

Extra Mall Discounts

o 50% discount on smartphones

o 60% discount on screens and electrical appliances

Jarir Bookstore Discounts

o 70% discount on all library contents; Such as stationery, mobile phones, electronic devices, monitors, and phone accessories

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