Dubai Launches A New Residency Programme For Overseas Professionals

This initiative encourages workers employed around the world to relocate to the emirate

  • Publish date: Thursday، 15 October 2020 Last update: Thursday، 25 February 2021

This ultimate tourist destination and hotspot for some of the most thrilling activities in the world is now allowing overseas professionals to work remotely for one year as working virtually in the foreseeable future might just be the new norm. 

It also promises that visa holders of this programme will also have access to all the required services including, telecoms, utility and schooling facilities. It encourages applicants to bring family members to partake of all the activities that Dubai has to offer. 


Helal Almarri, director general of Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing said "As multinationals and leading start-ups across the world accelerate their rates of digital adoption, the need to be physically present to fulfil professional responsibilities has been redefined.” Adding "Dubai is uniquely positioned to offer a safe, dynamic lifestyle opportunity to these digitally savvy workers and their families while they continue to work remotely, whether it is for a couple of months or an entire year.”

Who can apply?

To be eligible for the programme, individuals must fulfill the following conditions:

-Possess a passport with a minimum validity of six months

-Have health insurance with UAE coverage validity

-Show proof of employment from their current employer with a one-year contract validity, a minimum of $5,000  (Dhs18,365) monthly salary, and must furnish the previous months’ payslip as well as three months of bank statements.

-If the applicant is a company owner, then they must show proof of ownership of the company for at least a year,  along with an average monthly income of $5,000 (Dhs18,365) supported by three months of bank statements

-The new visa costs US$287 (Dhs1,054) plus medical insurance with valid UAE coverage and processing fee per person.

This year, Dubai also launched a five-year renewable Retirement Visa that allows resident expatriates and foreigners aged 55 and over to live within the emirate.

More information regarding how to apply to the programme can be found on:

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