Dutch Celebrity Emma Heesters Becomes a Bollywood Singer

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Dutch Celebrity Emma Heesters Becomes a Bollywood Singer

The beats of Bollywood music carry a magical effect in rocking the globe with its dynamic energy and positive vibes. Bollywood songs are unique in their soothing effect on the soul, sparking a charismatic glow on the face and enlightening the heart to its rhythm. From the Punjabi tunes of ‘Balle Balle’ to the romantic Lofi songs and blockbuster music, Bollywood is spreading its enthusiasm across the world, and it is not a surprise anymore to see people belonging to different countries and cultures singing the hymns of Bollywood. You will be elated when you hear the melodious voice of the Dutch Singer and television personality Emma Heesters. Inspired by the deep roots of Indian culture, she has started sprinkling her passion over singing Bollywood songs and posting her videos on social media platforms. Her voice is a miracle and has become the spotlight in the Bollywood industry. This article explores Emma Heesters and the significance of Bollywood abroad. 


Dutch Celebrity Emma Heesters Becomes a Bollywood Singer

Emma Heesters is a talented and gifted singer, songwriter, and performer who adores revealing her art to the world through her YouTube channel, one of the most popular ones in Holland. Her passion for uploading songs in both Hollywood and Bollywood immediately captured the audience’s interest and attracted millions of fans worldwide. Starting her career in 2014, the path to success became her identity as she gained around 5.77 million subscribers on YouTube by 2022. In 2020 she bagged the title of the most successful Dutch artist of the year and later won MTV EMA’s Best Dutch Act.


Dutch Celebrity Emma Heesters Becomes a Bollywood Singer

Emma Heesters also performs translating Bollywood songs and sings their English versions for a worldwide audience. One of her most amazing works refers to her first attempt at translating the Indian music ‘Shayad’ from the Bollywood film ‘Love Aaj Kal (2020)’, which mesmerized her fans when it premiered on 28th March 2020. Inspired by the success of her First translation, she challenged herself to do the same with other Bollywood songs like ‘Titliaan’ by Afsana Khan, which received 6.6 million views and 451K likes. Her English translation of the song ‘Paani Paani’ from the movie ‘Badshah’ added to her creativity.


Dutch Celebrity Emma Heesters Becomes a Bollywood Singer

The beats of Bollywood music are flowing across continents and marking an impact on the Hollywood industry as Hollywood directors and filmmakers get motivated by the Indian lyrics and dedicate time to translating them into English so that the world can derive its joy and meaning. As the Indian population also increases in other countries, Bollywood associates itself with a bright future to touch the hearts of billions and become a rocking revolution for future generations.

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