Was Ananya Panday Recently in Dubai?

The Bollywood star made a quiet trip to Dubai.

  • Publish date: Friday، 26 April 2024
Was Ananya Panday Recently in Dubai?

Bollywood fans will be surprised to know that their favorite celebrity Ananya Panday recently made a quiet trip to Dubai and even departed from the country quietly.

On Thursday, Apr. 25, Panday shared a boomerang video of driving past Burj Khalifa on her Instagram story with the caption "Hi Dubai".

Her trip is a surprise because she attended the 'Heeramandi' premiere the previous night in Mumbai, India. 

She was at the premiere with Bollywood director and producer Karan Johar who revealed that Panday has signed a new film. 

The star responded to the announcement with gratitude saying, "Thank you, Karan!"

Panday dazzled fans with her ethnic blue dress, which perfectly complimented the traditional theme of the 'Heeramandi' premiere!

Was Ananya Panday Recently in Dubai?

Image source: @instantbollywood. 

Siting what was said at the premiere, Panday might have visited Dubai for an upcoming film project or some other project, nonetheless, the star did not share any more videos or pictures of her stay in the city. 

Panday only shared another picture of a sunrise in Dubai on Friday morning, Apr. 26 and captioned it, "Du-byeeee", implying she was departing from the country. 

We wish the star the best of luck for her upcoming project and hope she returns to Dubai soon!

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