Why Is Dubai Popular Among Bollywood Stars?

  • Publish date: Sunday، 11 July 2021
Why Is Dubai Popular Among Bollywood Stars?

Dubai has become a home to many Bollywood stars due to its luxury lifestyle, and technology-driven yet family-friendly environment. But really, why is Dubai so popular amongst Bollywood stars?   

Dubai is just a short flight from densely populated Indian cities like Delhi and investors are benefiting from a growing number of services being laid on by airlines.

There has been strong demand for real estate among actors who are involved in the Bollywood industry, which is based in Mumbai. The city is on the west coast of India, so property hunters only have to make the relatively small hop over the Arabian Sea to get to the emirate.

Akshay Kumar one of the celebrities to scour the sheikhdom's extensive property market.

He was quoted as saying: 'Dubai is such a dynamic city and so welcoming that it almost feels like a second home now, considering the number of times we have been here.

'This is the reason why we have decided to purchase a home here.'

Mr. Kumar also suggested the large number of Pakistani and Indian people already living in Dubai makes it all the more appealing.

'The environment is so comforting that it feels like I haven't even left home,' he added.

Dubai has now become a home to everyone and you can definitely spot a celebrity here and there at famous landmarks that represent the city!

Image Source: Arabian Business